Our dear friends, the Mau family lost their home, along with 3 other family homes on their family plot of land, to the Maui fires. Russ is the pastor of a  small Calvary Chapel church in Berthoud, CO and Traci is his wife. Their niece and her family lived in the main part of the Mau’s house on Maui, while they rented out the basement. This rental was their source of income to pay the mortgage for their primary home here in Colorado; where one of their daughters and 3 grandsons lives. After 30 years of continuous insurance, the insurance company is cancelling their policy, and not allowing them to file a claim. Even if the claim is eventually approved, without the income from the rental they will loose their primary residence in CO. Because the house was not their primary residence, FEMA has also denied any assistance. Now with no income from Maui; they are struggling to make their mortgage payment for their home here in Colorado. In addition to the financial struggle of paying the mortgage, rebuilding the homes on Maui, seems near impossible with needing millions of dollars. 

Russ and Traci give all of what they have, time, energy, and resources to others. They take care of the church and community without asking for anything in return. They serve selflessly, and even in this time of need they have not asked anything of anybody other than to help others affected on Maui. Anything helps, please consider giving to this campaign so that they can continue to bless others, and above everything else please pray for God’s protection, provision, comfort, and that He be glorified. Please feel free to share. God bless and aloha. 🌺