Garden of Eden Food Forest is a budding 20-acre community garden located 15 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC, one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Unfortunately, the very thing that draws people to this region (the back-to-the-lander/local food movement) is under threat as "smart city" developers/central banksters capitalize on the "sustainable agriculture" trend here, by buying up all the rural real estate, and then turning it into townhouses and condominiums.

My life-partner Brad and I acquired this land by a miracle 2 years ago, right after the Plandemic destroyed our livelihood – a blog about natural living called

We moved to Asheville 8 years ago in hopes of finding a permaculture community to join.

We ran a food truck for 3 years, but quit when we realized how hard it was to make a living cooking local, organic food.

So we lived in a camper for a year, while we worked on getting our blog off the ground, with the end goal of buying land to put the camper on.

We were on our way to making it happen, making more money than we'd ever dreamed of, thanks to our primitivist-bus-dwelling friend sharing our posts on his giant Facebook page "Homesteading/Survivalism."

And then, on March 15, 2020, our blog, along with the rest of the world, was thrown into 1984-style lockdown.

The blog went from making $30,000 a month in Google Ad revenue to $3,000 a month, OVER NIGHT, thanks to shadow-censorship.

Facebook started shadow-banning thousands of natural-health blogs and alternative news websites, simply by "turning down the volume" on our "organic reach" in people's newsfeeds, to about 10% of what it was before, to prevent us from reporting the truth about CoVid.

Those of us in the industry all knew it was happening, but couldn't prove it... and, because Facebook had a monopoly on social media, many of us went out of business before we could adapt/ build a new audience on a new platform.

Recently Facebook started admitting it shadow-bans people, warning us  that our accounts have been "restricted" and that our "posts will be moved lower in News Feed" for 10, 30, or 90 days, depending on how many times we'd shared "false information."

When we saw the sudden plummet in income, we knew we had to buy land fast before the central banksters wouldn't let us.

So we got pre-approved for a mortgage before they could see our next bank statement.

The Universe then revealed to us this hidden gem – a historic, late-1800s log cabin on a 20-acre food forest with a spring, 15 minutes from the epicenter of the city, and we snatched it up the first day it went on the market.

We'd been writing about "living off the land" for 3 years, and knew now was the time to start being about it, instead of just talking about it, as we entered an unprecedented era of inflation.

But in order to create the eco-village paradise we envision, we have to keep the land, which is very, very expensive.

We bought it from an avid permaculture gardener, who'd been enhancing the already-amazing food-forest full of walnut trees, mulberry trees and tens of thousands of wild berries. He terraced a 2-acre organic garden area with 6 rows of fruit trees, shrubs, medicinal herbs and veggies, with swales above each row for collecting rainwater.

When we bought it, we re-tapped a 150-year-old spring house at the top of the mountain and bring the water down to the budding orchard to help it grow even faster.

This year, our friends and neighbors have pledged to help us turn it into a high-yield, permaculture powerhouse to help feed the community. The community garden will provide free produce, raw sheep's milk and eggs to all who help tend it.

In the meantime, we need to keep paying the mortgage. To do this, we paid friend to help us convert an old barn into an air bnb.

Once we got that up and running, we begged my unemployed Army veteran brother to come help build a second cabin in exchange for room and board and promise of future payment.

He and Brad made incredible progress, but our line of credit for building materials dried up just before Christmas. And now, Facebook is putting the screws to us again for reporting on the Freedom Truckers movement, right in the middle of an extra cold winter that's been terrible for air bnb.

We've paid our mortgage almost a month late, 3 months in a row, and don't know where the next payment is coming from.

Help us finish building this 2nd tiny house, so we can get off Metaverse and back to the land!

We'll use the money to pay down the $25K in credit card debt we racked up building one and a half tiny houses, and use the freed up credit to finish building the second one, which will allow us to make a living cleaning them for guests.

We'll also give 25% to our friends who grew our blog through their Homesteading/Survivalism Facebook page, as they are struggling financially from the censorship too.

Any additional funds will be used to buy sheep and chickens and build shelters and electric fencing to protect them from the bears.

All donors of $100 or more may request a free week-night in our air bnb, ($150 for a weekend night) which includes a hot-springs-style soak in our deep, spring-fed tub, a tour of the food forest, and the best home-cooked, organic breakfast you've ever had.

Just message Sara on Facebook with your donation receipt and contact info and she'll block off an available day of your choice on the calendar.

If we lose this land, it will likely go to townhouse developers (like the ones down the street), as we've already gotten several offers from them.

There aren't any organic farmers we know of who can afford the $625,000 this place now appraises for, less than two years after we bought it for $415,000.

So please help us prevent them from paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.