FoxTale Studio Productions creates a variety of differing content which includes livestreaming football coverage, music creation, music video production, radio continuity & spoken-word videos.

Frankly, we began making our own content because of the deep sense of disappointment we've had with the slop in the trough currently troweled out by Disney/Marvel, Netflix & the various legacy media combines. Our intention in everything we create is to have fun . . . period. We have very strong opinions about a wide range of ideas & events WHICH WE KEEP TO OURSELVES unless asked. Conversations of that sort tend to make "fun" get up & run for the door, so we keep them separate from the content we offer. It's not that we don't think about serious matters or have concerns about BIG IMPORTANT STUFF, we just don't create our content with that in mind. That's for another time, another venue.

Our approach to the material we post is very simple: If we laugh at it, we post it. If we don't, we file it away for later. We're not trying to find what our audience likes to make more of that; we're trying to find an audience with the same weird sense of humor we have that can enjoy what we're already doing.

We want bring a little laughter, a moment of joy, into being & then share it with like-minded folk. If we've succeeded in that, we hope you'll toss us a tip since we can't hear your chuckle. Every dime we receive will go towards creating more of the same. We have utilities to keep on, computer gear to maintain or replace & other content to license. That's where your money will go.

Thank you for spending these few moments looking over our campaign. Here's a sample of our most recent work: