Ben Martin J6 Capitol Legal Fund

Campaign Created by: Friends of Ben Martin

The funds from this campaign will be received by Cara Gray.

Goal : USD $150,000
Raised : USD $4,320


Benjamin Martin is a Father, a Patriot and a Friend. He is also one of hundreds who has been wrongfully targeted by the federal government for having peacefully traveled to Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. Like many others, he went to Washington DC to support our President, to support the United States Constitution, and to support the American People’s right to free speech and fair elections.


During his travels to Washington DC, Benjamin witnessed many just like him who were peacefully attending the gathering. He also witnessed many who were clearly there to create chaos and violence (paid “bad actors” and ANTIFA). Benjamin is a large man with a large presence.  He has a large heart to match his size. While there, he encouraged peace and calm. He was not violent towards anyone and was advocating for peace; he felt protective of the police officers who he encountered, and he did not destroy or vandalize any property. Benjamin and countless others were able to freely approach the North Terrace while peacefully gathering. He observed some of the “bad actors” attempting to enter a door. He placed himself between a crowd and the door in an effort to stop them from gaining entry.  After being swept inside by the sea of people, he approached the first officer he could find (all seen on closed circuit security footage) He told the officer he was there in peace, not part of the mob that rushed entry, and he asked what he should do. The officer directed him to stand against the wall as he did. Less than 2 minutes after being forced in, he was assisted by officers with orders to exit the Capitol.




As a result of those few minutes, on September 2, 2021, Benjamin and his son were ambushed at gunpoint in his driveway by 25-30 heavily armed officers while returning home for the day. He was startled by the commotion.  There was banging at his front door. When opened, those inside faced armed officers with automatic weapons. The officers demanded entry while declining to provide a warrant. Benjamin and one of his children were detained at gunpoint in the front yard. Every inch of his home was searched and Benjamin was arrested and charged with multiple felonies.




Benjamin Martin has been defamed and slandered by local news, radio, and TV stations. He has been made out to be a racist, a domestic terrorist, an insurgent, and an evil man. None of this is true. People who know him, know his big heart and the love he holds for God, his family, and especially his Country. As a result of these events, his business as a real estate broker and his ability to provide income for his family has been devastated. Death threats have become routine.  


In the end, Benjamin and his family have been left with a David and Goliath scenario where they are faced with the power of our giant government whose unlimited funds shall serve to support their efforts.  The net effect of this, practically speaking, is that these prosecutions shall serve to financially drain and effectively destroy those who attempt to prove themselves to be innocent.  In a country where it is stated that one is innocent until proven guilty, those words have little meaning to Benjamin and his family these days.


Benjamin Martin needs your help and he will welcome any contribution whether it be 5 dollars, 5 thousand dollars or 5 seconds of prayer.  Unfortunately and ultimately, the ability to prove overall innocence is directly contingent upon being able to financially fund that fight. 


Thank you.






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January 6, 2022
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Thank you all for the prayers and support so far! By the grace of God, Ben is overcoming small hurdles. We have faith in God and trust that the truth will prevail. 

Love and blessings to you all



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