This campaign is used for people who want to send me a friendly financial thank you gift for making an ebook or some other digital product free online and, or free to download.

Here are some of things I have available online for free and, or free to download:

- Free Online eBook: David Says, "My name is Diana", "I'm a girl"; The Truth Will Set You Free. I hope people will enjoy reading it. I hope they'll learn a lot from it. At the very least, I hope that it will help them in some way. Most greatly, I hope it will help people truly come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, read The Bible every day, and live and vote according to God's Word; and that it will also encourage Christians to live and vote according to God's Word, to stand and speak the truth out of love in all things, and to be a bolder witness in word and deed so that more people will be pointed to true truth and to God for God's glory and kingdom. Here is the direct link to it:

- Two ecards: one is called "The Empty Tomb" that Christians might like to send to each other or someone else, and the other is called "My Confession" which is for witnessing to people about Jesus. They are at the very bottom of my ecard page:

- Fitness eBook: "The 4 Workout" a.k.a "4" was made to help people start exercising who have never exercised before or who haven't exercised for a while; and it can be used as an extra, supplementary workout for those who are already working out regularly. It points people to God by getting them to read chapters from the book of John on the "Rest And Relax Days." By the time they finish the workout plan, they will have read the entire book of John if they have read the chapters that have been given to them to read on the "Rest And Relax Days". In the "I Have Some Simple Questions For You And Something To Confess" chapter, section I use a witnessing technique to help people realize they are sinners in need of  the LORD and Savior Jesus Christ who is the Only One can pay the price for their sins, forgive them of their sins, save them from their sins, keep them from being thrown into the lake of fire, give them a new heart, start a relationship with God, let them into heaven, and help them live for God according to His Word for His glory. "The 4 Workout" is A Full Body Workout Plan That Only Uses 4 Pieces Of Affordable Fitness Equipment. Here is the introduction page for "The 4 Workout:"  Here is a direct link to the The 4 Workout ebook online:

I hope you have a very great day whether or not you send me a friendly financial thank you gift for making these digital products available for free.