All over America, people are being put to death in hospitals with a poisonous drug called Remdesivir. You or someone you know may have been subjected to the Remdesivir protocol. Some survive the protocol, but many do not. The first time Remdesivir was studied, it killed 53% of the people that took it. The second time it was studied, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that it NOT be used for Covid-19 patients because it does not help. Nevertheless, it is being pumped into victims all around the country as part of a deadly protocol that is snuffing out lives and harming people for life. 

Covid-19 has a 99.97% survival rate. Remdesivir is a killer that is not recommended for use, nevertheless doctors and hospitals are giving it to patients all over the country. Our government has created massive financial incentives for hospitals to deny all treatments except Remdesivir, and you or someone you know has probably been affected by this evil treatment. For those of you who don’t know or aren’t aware, the treatment generally looks something like this.

A patient comes to the hospital for a problem unrelated to Covid-19. They are told they have Covid-19 or “Covid pneumonia”. They are immediately separated from their loved ones, and usually declared to be in ICU, even though they are often just placed in a room. They are placed on a BiPAP machine at a high rate, making it difficult for them to breathe. Their hands are often tied down so they can’t take the BiPAP machine off their face. After their hands are tied down, and sometimes before, a psychiatrist comes to the room and determines that they are “agitated”. This results in the protocol patient being placed on a sedative. Sedating the patient makes it more difficult for them to communicate and more difficult for them to fight the effects of Remdesivir. Their phone and the signaling instrument for the nurses are typically placed beyond their reach. They are placed on Remdesivir, to the exclusion of any other remedy, and in some cases medicine like Benadryl and Tylenol are administered to further dry out their lungs and overload their kidneys. They are denied food and water. They may be intubated after a short period of time on the BiPAP machine. They are often placed on other drugs that are contraindicated for use with Remdesivir. It takes a “protocol patient” about nine days to die on average. They are typically told that if they attempt to leave against medical advice then their insurance will not cover any of their stay.

Attorney Dan Watkins and Cornerstone Attorney Michael Hamilton have taken on doctors and hospitals in Fresno County, California over the torturous deaths of a number of patients who were killed using this protocol. The families who have lost their loved ones cannot afford the expense of a lawsuit. Only through your generous donations can those expenses be paid. A legal victory against hospitals and doctors over the Remdesivir protocol will hit like the shot heard around the world. Only with a victory will the dominos begin to fall. Currently hospitals are being paid to refuse treatments that work, in favor of a treatment that kills. 

These Remdesivir protocols must be forcibly stopped through the use of the court system. Our attorneys and their staff are donating tremendous amounts of time to this fight, but there are expenses that must be paid. A win in Fresno County, California will resonate across the country. Please consider giving as generously and sacrificially as you are led. By doing so, you strike a blow against the deadly protocols and on behalf of all Americans, including your family and friends.