William Watson is a 25-year-old January 6th defendant from Montgomery AL. While attending the rally at the DC capitol Will committed ZERO acts of violence. 

Will was taken into custody in AL on January 12th where he languished in county jail until May 4th when Will was released on bond with an ankle monitor that he was required to personally pay for.  Shortly before Thanksgiving of 2022 Will traveled to DC to attend an appeal hearing where his attorneys were present.  During this hearing Will was surprisingly detained and placed in solitary confinement in a detention center in Alexandria, VA where he remains to this day. 

Will has always been employed and is a self sufficient hard worker.  He worked as a chef at 3 of the highest rated restaurants in Montgomery and Auburn, AL.  He is a new father to a daughter born 12 weeks prematurely weighing only 1 lb 10 oz. at birth.  Will has never have the privilege to meet or hold his daughter and she still remains in NICU.

Will has accrued a substantial amount of debt between his legal defense and his daughter's ongoing medical care.  We humbly request any help you can provide for Will.