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I am a firm believer in God Almighty and was raised Judeo-Christian. As a 46 year old, American, born and raised, God-fearing, flag-waving, U.S. Patriot who has worked in government as a civilian intelligence contractor in the nation's capital, I have seen and experienced the swamp first-hand with eyes on the ground. I spent approximately 15 years in the DC Metro area, working between two U.S. Air Force Bases (Bolling and Joint Base Andrews) and at many government agencies/organizations/facilities in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia). Flash forward to watching America fall to pieces in areas/sections/swaths as a result of a completely inept, incompetent, treasonous, FAILED so-called "admin." The catalyst behind the sedition and subversion taking place is rogue, big tech (out of control, un-American tech companies), which helped the current so-called "admin" get its feet through the door and into the Oval Office where America is now being decimated by a wrecking-ball cabal.

Prior to working at the federal level of government in national security and intelligence operations, I was an after-school coach and prior to that, taught English, Math and Science for ten years in a private school academy, having been a college honor student myself. Therefore, and I say this humbly ... I could easily write a dissertation on the subject of what we are all facing as Americans who love this country vs. those who are working steadfastly around the clock to ensure that America's southern border is invaded, food supplies are depleted for average, hardworking Americans, gas prices are at an all time high and that the dwindling middle-class is ultimately destroy.  

My name is Robert Lee Taylor, and I am here to fight back and pushback against the encroachment. Clearly, I do not want to see our country (America), destroyed. I want to see rogue tech companies pay for what they have done to this country. I want for bureaucrats and rogues who aim to undermine our institutions of government to be brought to justice ultimately. I want to pay them all back. The only way to accomplish that is to create a parallel economy, tower over those seeking to annihilate the America we know, and punish them legally for what they have done. In order to materialize this goal, I have spearheaded the formation of a new movement, called C.A.T.P.A.W. (Conservatives Against Tyranny, Patriots Allied Worldwide) in addition to having created a new Web site called EmpireStateMoney Dot Com, which the latter is touted as a Free Speech Zone where I will be working around the clock to enlist millions of Conservative, like-minded subscribers and anyone and everyone who believes in Freedom, Liberty and THE America that we have known since time immemorial. 

Here is the actual company description which can also be accessed on the homepage of the Web site:

CEO/Owner/President of Empire State Money Dot Com Software Technology Company. Previously owned transportation company with 18,552 clients on record over a period of 7.6 years (5-Star average rating). In addition, experience as government contractor at top-level 3-letter U.S. government agency in addition to similar work at other government agencies/organizations.

My traffic sources currently are Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, among others. I post and promote offers daily and am interested in promoting whatever high ticket offers you have available. Along with my lovely co-host, I interviewed Hollywood stars for 2.1 seasons on Sexy Voices of Hollywood (S.V.O.H.) YouTube which is where I got my official start in audio/podcasting/voiceover. In addition, I come from a background in IT, government, and defense. After working for a decade and a half in government contracting, I took to the private sector to start my own New York based technology company (advertising, IT, marketing, and multimedia). I am also a stock market & real estate investor.

The basic summary and overview of Empire State Money Dot Com is that after approximately 5 years of being a licensed real estate agent, I decided to transition into commercial real estate investments. During the time I was a licensed agent and owned a transportation business on the side in addition to working a third business activity as a government defense contractor. With those three business activities running simultaneously and after nearly 20,000 (twenty thousand) customers having paid for my transportation company/service alone (7.3 years/5-Star Rating), I had saved up enough money to start investing in commercial and residential as a private investor and was soon thereafter, invited to join an exclusive real estate investor network. The long story short is that after decades of research and government contract work, plus having been a private academy instructor (English/Math/Science school teacher/10 years), after-school coach, stock market investor, and working in many different fields while coming up on age 46, I realized that online money, if worked toward properly, is where the money really is. This Web site is a platform/system/tool that I created (100% ownership) in which to help individuals further decode/deconstruct/research/analyze the online money maze. Again, welcome, and please have a look around, as this is an ongoing, perpetual, work-in-progress.

Empire State Money Dot Com (ESMDC) is a startup company that was formed in June of 2021 during the middle of the worldwide covid-19 pandemic. The main purpose of the business launch was to help assist people in need of a way to earn money online. Prior to the formation of our new business enterprise, Empire State Money Dot Com's Founder, 100% Owner and CEO/President, Robert Lee Taylor, started with a career spanning more than 25 years in Information Technology (IT) and government defense contracting dating back to the year 1995. Today, in 2022, Empire State Money Dot Com is a hybrid business enterprise that helps to connect individuals and businesses seeking to earn money online with products and services that actually work. (End of Company Description) 

Rather than take up, 3574 more words that are allowed here at GiveSendGo (quite generous I might add), I will nonetheless, wrap up the basic summary out of respect to you, the crowd. My goal/objective is straightforward. I intend to scale to new heights as a Conservative entity and with millions in revenue, begin to hire and outsource to U.S. military veterans, folks in need of employment/jobs/financial assistance. Ultimately, in addition to being a major, social media company to rival the likes of Facebook and companies like Facebook, of which said companies are notorious for banning/shadow-banning what should otherwise be free speech, Empire State Money Dot Com will expand into the realm of government defense contracting and branch out to include an aerospace defense company component as a hybrid business model in-line with today's industry's trends.

Thank you for hearing my voice, God Bless You, God Bless Your Families, and Godspeed!!!!!! May God help us all. 


Update #1 What the LEFT Hates!
June 20, 2022
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The LEFT hates!!!!!!!!!!  


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