Due to processing fees on this platform the minimum donation is $5 . To donate $1 you can visit our website at https://www.fspworldwide.com 

For donations over $100 we would like to send you a thank you gift! Please Visit our website  STORE to find out how to claim your gift. We thank you so much for being part of The Free Speech Project!

The Free Speech Project is a resounding rallying cry for individuals wearied by the stifling constraints imposed by mainstream social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Rooted in the genuine belief that unrestricted expression is fundamental to democracy, this grassroots initiative calls upon all those who have borne the weight of censorship to contribute a mere $1, uniting to champion the cause of unabridged free speech. Conceived by two impassioned independent activists and musicians who themselves have fallen victim to speech suppression, this endeavor arises as a powerful retort to the perceived erosion of truth and accountability, further fueled by governmental overreach. The concept of "a dollar for freedom" resounds with the collective aspiration to contest the dominance of tech gods, the one percent of the population, and the specter of technocracy. It underscores the potent notion that through collective action, a platform can be forged that is genuinely owned and overseen by its users. This envisioned refuge would rise above external control or censorship, standing as a sanctuary where long-muted voices converge, resolute in their commitment to sharing narratives deserving of amplification. Through the unity of numbers, the vision of an unbridled digital forum, crafted BY THE PEOPLE and existing FOR THE PEOPLE, draws ever closer to its tangible realization.

Every dollar matters in the war against those who have unlimited funds. If you have more than a dollar to spare -please do- because there isn’t a cause more worthy than the price of Free Speech. All funds are going directly towards this project, this movement, this REVOLUTION. Now is your chance to be a PART OF HISTORY, rather than just a spectator. Remember every dollar matters and SO DO YOU!

If you can’t donate you can still contribute by sharing this message far and wide to help spread the message of free speech worldwide.