The Nicholas Languerand J6 Fund

Campaign Created by: Michele L’Esperance

The funds from this campaign will be received by Nicholas Languerand.

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 5,165
Nicholas is a proud patriot and veteran who was arrested in April for involvement in the January 6th event at the US Capitol. He is currently working with a court assigned counsel, but he is seeking outside help. His family does not have a lot of money to support him while he is in jail. As his case is far from being resolved, anything at this time is a huge help. Thank you so much for your help and support. God bless! 


Update #6
February 4, 2023
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If all goes as planned, 2023 should be the year I get out of prison. The past 9 months have flown by and the next 9 should go by just as well. I have been staying busy in here. Despite having days and weeks and months at my disposal, I can't seem to find enough time in the days to do all the things I want to do. I have managed to get a lot of things done that were very important to me, and others that are still in the works. I'm very much looking forward to publishing a book that will hopefully be beneficial to all who read it. I'm getting it done a little bit at a time, but there is so much to write about still, partly because the story that I am trying to tell is still unfolding before our eyes. One thing that is so amazing to me is how things that were at one time "conspiracy theories" turn out to be facts of reality over and over again. This has provided so much fuel to the fire. 

One new development in my life is that I have really found a talent and hopefully a future career in here by getting involved in artwork. I am able to stay busy and do something that I really enjoy. I look forward to sharing my work with all of you when I get home. I was able to send home a portrait of myself and my girlfriend. If I am able to come home and continue doing what I am doing now and write books to make a living, all of this will have been worth it. I want to thank whoever sent me the books I got over Christmas. Please check out the list of books I posted previously if you want to know what to send me. All of this will go to helping me complete my own book. I have been luck enough to have my grandparents come visit me twice since I've been here. They are getting old and are starting to have health problems, but thankfully they are still well enough to make the trip to visit me. Things in my life aligned themselves such that I was able to spend a few months with them in SC just prior to getting arrested. This whole experience has been as hard on them as it has been for me. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. It means more to me than you can imagine. Till next time.

Update #5
October 20, 2022
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Hello fellow patriots, I have a significant update. It's been a while since I've said anything because I've just been doing my time at the FCI in Cumberland, MD. As always, there's so much to say about everything going inside and outside of here. Today, I wanted to inform everyone that I plan to appeal my sentence and conviction. In any event, that will always be an uphill battle. However, in light of some recent developments regarding the cases of a handful of other J6rs, and one case especially, I am confident that I have what I need to appeal my conviction. To keep this short, the reason I am posting this update is because I need help with counsel. I need an attorney to help me proceed in the right direction with this. It is incredibly important to me. I know that the chances of getting out of prison before the next 17 months pass are slim to none, but if I can get a violent felony removed from my record that would make a huge difference in my life going forward. I know that everyones wallets are tight right now, but I am once again asking for anything that anyone can contribute to help me move forward. I am looking to contact the Patriot Freedom Project to see if there's anything they can do for me. If anyone has any advice for me regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or through this page. Any contributions are greatly appreciated, especially during this difficult economic period. My best wishes to all patriots out there. 

Update #4
May 25, 2022
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Hello everyone, I'm back with another update. I am getting settled in here at FCI Cumberland, MD. I'm the only J6r here as far as I know. I'm surprised that I'm the only one who wound up here so far. I am only a short drive away from D.C., not more than a couple of hours. Things are much more tolerable here, as far as incarceration goes. I miss my friends that I made in Virginia a great deal, but I am better off here. I am finally able to get sunlight and eat real food and have access to a few things that make feel somewhat like a normal person. I've been practicing guitar every day and playing with a band. I've been playing music for nearly 20 years and hope to take it more seriously when I leave prison. This time is giving me an opportunity to better myself in a lot of different ways. I have something like 18 months, maybe even less, to do here before I go home to Vermont. I am going to use that time to the best of my ability to prepare myself for when I leave this place. I am able to receive mail here still and I have gotten a few letters thus far. Anyone who would like to correspond with me is welcome to send me mail. I’m only allowed mail in a white envelope with white paper and pen only, no markers. Books can also be sent directly to me at the prison address if they come from a book store or something like Amazon.

(Nicholas Languerand 39952509 

FCI Cumberland

Federal Correctional Institute

P.O. Box 1000

Cumberland MD 21501.)

I appreciate all of the people who have supported me and my family through this more than words can describe. I will never forget the impact you all have had on my life. I will continue to give periodic updates on what's going on here with me until I get out. Please keep me updated on what is going on out there, the things we don't see on tv. Much love to every patriot. God Bless you all. 

Update #2: part 2
January 23, 2022
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The volume of mail I have received has been overwhelming and I thank you all dearly for that. I\'m sorry that I have not been able to write everyone back, the stack of letters I have is absolutely massive. All of the goodwill, encouragement, and prayers from all of you has been an absolute blessing. Soon after I am sentenced I will be moving on to another location which will be significantly more comfortable for me to be at. When that happens I will be sure to provide an updated mailing address as soon as possible. I will be here at Northern Neck for at least another month or so. Lastly, I just want to remind everyone that there are many of us still here, people that will continue to be here for many months awaiting trial, in this rural part of VA. The D.C. jail has gotten a lot of attention because of its poor conditions, but there are now several people who have come from there to here and confirmed that this jail is substantially worse. I have not been outside in months. On multiple occasions I have been denied food and proper medical care. Regardless, I have made the best of my time here. I have spent almost every day exercising, educating myself, reading religious texts, and working on my book. I greatly appreciate everyone\'s support and contributions. Please share my messages and fundraiser page. Look for more communications from me in the future as they will become more frequent and expand elsewhere on social media. Most importantly, please do not forget to pray for me next Wednesday. I will have a feature coming up in Seven Days Vermont as well, so be on the lookout for that. Thank you everyone. Much love and Godspeed.

Update #2: part 1
January 23, 2022
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An update and message from Nicholas.

Hello everyone, I wanted to give another update. I am still in jail in Warsaw, VA. There are a number of J6 people here at this jail. I am housed with 4 other patriots and have met at least 17 since I got here. I wanted to ask everyone to send prayers my way, especially next Wednesday afternoon. I have a sentencing hearing to go to and have had a great deal of anxiety over it the past few weeks. I\'ve accepted responsibility for my wrongdoing at the Capitol, and I believe the sentencing range I\'m looking at realistically is between 12 and 46 months. I am asking you to pray for me and my family that I get the minimal possible sentence. As I\'ve said before, I genuinely did not anticipate what was going to happen that day and very much was caught up in the passion of the crowd. It was the first rally I had ever been to. I intend to do my best to be a representative and advocate for those in our community. It is likely that I will have some time to serve in prison, but I plan to make the best of it and communicate with you all regularly. I will have a book to publish and a regular news show/podcast to share when I get out. For anyone who is interested in communicating with us directly or donating to our fundraisers, please check out the Patriot Mail Project. I have a long and difficult road ahead of me but I will not let it stop me from doing all I can to advocate for the truth. My family is still and will continue to be burdened financially by my incarceration and any donations are greatly appreciated. My intention is to start a business and a family when I get out of here and anyone that is willing to help me do that would truly be a gift from God. 

**The entire message won’t fit here, so this will be a 2 part update.**

Update #1
December 17, 2021
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Nicholas was arrested April 15th in Little River, SC where he was visiting his grandparents. He has been in jail in Warsaw, VA since then. Home is in North Central Vermont for him. Of all the arrests, he was the only one who traveled from VT to D.C. and back. We have been dealing with court assigned lawyers who have varied in degrees of helpfulness, but ultimately have not provided satisfactory counsel and for this reason we are continuing to seek out attorneys who would be willing to take his case. As he has recently entered a guilty plea and is awaiting sentencing, the time frame for effecting any positive change in his case is growing short. Nicholas has dealt with immensely negative and unfair media exposure from this. He has not had a chance to speak up for himself and has thus been repeatedly accused of being involved with white nationalist militias and neo-nazi groups, and being a violent and unhinged criminal. None of these claims are true and he wants everyone to know that. Because of this we are also seeking the help of media establishments or any organizations that can help him voice the truth. Furthermore we are also seeking the help of a defamation attorney who can help us deal with these now widespread lies about him. Nicholas is a patriot, a musician, and a lover of animals. He is a well read, intelligent, and hard working individual. In the future he plans to write a book and get the truth out there in any possible capacity. Any help to our cause is greatly appreciated.


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