Hello, my name is Marshall Neefe.
I am a 26 year old father of 1 from Pennsylvania. I showed up at January 6th not only in support of our president and out of concern for our election, but I also wanted to voice concerns about the politicians who were shutting down our country and fining hard working Americans for leaving their homes. These were/are signs of an overreaching government.
I have been convicted of two felony charges for my actions at the capitol. My sentence is 41 months. I have been incarcerated at the DC DOC for over a year , forced to live in a facility where I and others have been kept in solitary confinement. We have been completely stripped of our dignity and shown no humanity.

Only at my sentencing was I given the opportunity to see the faces of my mother and father, otherwise non of us have been allowed to visit any of our loved ones. We are not even allowed video visitation. The list of civil rights violations we have experienced is a long one.

I am asking for your support here to help me rebuild my life that's been ripped away from me. I have only my immediate family and my son left. I've !most my home , sold my vehicles and personal belongings. My fiancée of 7 years has also moved on.

Any prayers and help is greatly appreciated.

God bless you all.