Jake Angeli-Chansley is a veteran who served his country honorably while in the Navy, he is also a man without a criminal history who believes in non-violence and who has never posed a threat to anyone. He could be accused of being eccentric because of his shamanic perspective of the world at this time, but his shamanic perspective is rooted in thousands of years of tradition, experimentation and the art of healing.

It is true that he made his way to Washington, D.C. for the Stop the Steal Rally. That is truth.
And while there are some "news reports" out on the internet and in the mainstream press, most of these "news reports" paint a picture of Jake that is very different from the reality of who Jake is, what he stands for and the events that occurred on 1-6-21. The footage that aired on Tucker Carlson's show before he left Fox News proved that not only was the narrative of Jake's presence in the Capitol highly distorted, but the Truth about his actions on that day were suppressed by the government and the media. After seeing the footage on Tucker Carlson's show it becomes quite clear that the government and media used Jake's image to create a shock and awe campaign, and they used the public persecution that he was forced to undergo in solitary confinement and in prison to make an example out of him and place fear in the hearts of those who sought to challenge the narrative of the media and the government.

As the Truth has come out over the last few months, regarding the false narrative pushed by the government and the media, it has become abundantly clear that Jake was attempting to help the police while inside the Capitol, and also stopped people from attempting to break into the building once he had exited the building. The deception of the government was clearly exposed in a motion recently filed by Jake's lawyer, which details the inconsistencies in the governments numerous stories regarding when they had the evidence aired by Tucker Carlson, and when they claim to have made it available to his defense attorney, before his sentencing hearing. Jake's previous attorney has publicly stated that he did not receive the evidence aired by Carlson, and had he been given that evidence his legal strategy would have been drastically different.

If you have not seen the video aired by Carlson on Fox News in March of 2023, the video clearly shows Jake being escorted around the interior of the Capitol, by Capitol police, as they moved from locked door to locked door in an attempt to gain access to the Senate Chamber. Upon finding an unlocked door leading into the Senate Chamber, the Capitol police held the door open for Jake to enter. While in the Senate Chamber, Jake was peaceful, he wrote a note on the desk of the Vice President that said "Its only a matter of time. Justice is Coming", then he said a prayer which included blessing the Capitol police. Then Jake helped the Capitol police clear the Senate Chamber of protesters. 

For this, he sat in solitary confinement, for 22 hours a day and sometimes more for almost a year. And while Jake has admitted to the fact that it could be said that he trespassed, it is clear that the list of other charges leveled at him were overkill. It is my opinion that they are clearly attempting to make an example of Jake to suppress dissent and stifle any opposition to the government's obvious corruption.

No matter where you turn, this young man from Phoenix, Arizona, has become a signature figure because of his attire on January 6th. With his bare-chested appearance in buffalo horns and fur, he has been photographed by more people than many celebrities. 

While he sat in solitary confinement, his previous attorney said many things on Jake's behalf that were not true at all and he did so without Jake's knowledge or consent! However, his previous attorney was correct when he made the following statement, “Has my client trespassed? Yes. Was he conspiratorial? No. Was he trying to overthrow the government? No. Was he an insurrectionist? Trying to lead a coup? Are you kidding me? The guy is wearing horns and fur...He needs to go back home, write books, poetry, do art, make pots and do his online Shaman thing.”

In fact, at Jake's sentencing hearing the U.S. District Judge in charge of the case, Royce Lamberth, said that in his 34 years of being a Federal Judge he had never heard a criminally accused speak the way Jake spoke, and even compared him to Martian Luther King Jr. Unfortunately, due to the government's deception regarding Jake's role on January 6th and what seems to be a suppression of the exculpatory evidence that was aired on Tucker Carlson's show, Judge Lamberth said he had no choice but to stay within the federal guidelines, and sentenced Jake to 41 months in Federal prison. 
It is vital that anyone who is thinking about donating to Jake's GiveSendGo account know that he is a patriot who loves The United States of America, and his public image was purposefully destroyed by the government and the media to achieve a political goal of more centralized power. Ironically, in the process of doing this Jake has become an emblem for freedom and liberty, and he has also become a clear example of what a corrupt government and media will do to anyone who they believe they can use to create fear. His plight is evidence of how willing they are to destroy a man or a nation, to gain more power by making someone's suffering a public example to remember.
Please, do what you can, if you feel called to help and make your voice heard. Anything helps, Jake has the ability to speak for all of us, not only in the USA, but for all of humanity, as it has become clear that the corruption in the U.S. is a global phenomenon. Do not let the tyrannical system stop you from speaking your truth and doing what you are called to do to save our great nation and help this great man get back on his feet upon his release from custody.