What is Freedom Revival 2022? 

Freedom Revival is a ministry redefining the boundary lines between church, culture, and politics.

We are a community of leaders and organizations in California for revival of the church and restoration of our Republic.

Rise. Restore. Reclaim.

Est 2021.


This nation was established on Liberty in Christ and responsibility of Free People. These events are gatherings of courageous men and women to stand firmly in the face of fear, to recognize we must engage in the system as it's the absence of moral men and women that a government will rot with corruption. 

Free people rise together, to restore unity and reclaim our Nation under God. 

Why are Freedom Revival Events needed?

Free people have an obligation to preserve their liberty. Through bad teaching and poor education the church has walked away from our responsibility. At these events people are empowered, educated, and connected to resources to contend for our local communities. 

What’s the goal?

Southern California has birthed movements which have positively affected this nation and the world, Azusa Street, Billy Graham Crusades, & the Jesus Movement. Our goal is to empower individuals to assert their strength, confront fear, and compel moral people to speak and engage in civics. Through this, we expect to see Southern California restoring order through Free People.