Back in Ukraine (finally) and still trying to figure out to navigate this site and post pics and stories .. just outside of Kyiv in the suburbs and the war is still raging on but the mood has really changed here..when I left in April, 90% of the businesses were closed and now that number is hovering around 20%. Still far away from celebrating as they were able to get about 75% of the crop planted and in the last few days the Russians have intentionally set fire to at least half of that. There is no doubt that their intentions are to create wide spread famine in this country as they’ve already seized all the ports sans Odessa and estimates range it would take 6 months to a year to clear the mines. Not only has this bottleneck stranded the 20 million tonnes of grain stored from last year, don’t know that there is a plan in place to where to put the expected 60 million tonnes from this years harvest. The grain that was at the shipyard was mostly stolen illegally sold to Turkey. 

We can expect a serious food shortage this winter so we’re attempting to set up a drop off for dry goods to ship into Warsaw and then by train here to Kyiv thanks to my Warsaw goddesses (Alicja and Mirka)..

Katia (my Ukrainian goddess) and I will be heading to Kharkiv on Saturday to deliver much needed medical supplies and we’ll be picking up some produce and other perishables to deliver and theoretically returning with pets eager to get out of there as the Russian army deemed it wasn’t quite flat enough. Trying to raise about 350. Bucks for pet food, transport cages, vaccines for these animals before transport but I doubt that will be difficult..  as usual, I don’t have much of a plane and don’t really know what doing but I just do it anyway.. reminds of last spring….  Hmm?


June 2022
I was in my winter break in Campo, California about 50 miles west of San Diego, slowly dying of diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and a plethora, of other ailments and just waiting for my inevitable demise. Was as good a time as any I surmised as I’d been in pain since a 30 day coma I’d had in 2006 and I was pretty much exhausted especially over the Covid panic of the last couple of years which caused me to lose 10 years worth of investments in both the Philippines and South America .. went from helping the poor, creating jobs, scholarships, to helping myself to to another shot of rum whilst watching Mexicans hop the border wall from the back porch at the place I was house sitting in the California desert. No neighbors for miles around and that was ok by me. Not how I’d planned on my ending to come as I’d been ready for it for quite some time. I’d been dying since 06 but for some reason I kept coming back to life. My sister (a nurse practitioner) once said that she’d never seen any one like me. I’m really good at dying but I really suck at staying dead. A medical miracle. I prefer to think of it as a medical disaster but I digress. It became so prevalent that  my friends all start a pool on what is going to kill me this year. I love those guys… haha.. 

So there I am sitting on the back porch drinking Bacardi, Smoking a camel, and contemplating my investable demise with but one regret, I’d always thought that when the end came, when the pain became unbearable, that’d take one of my long boats out into the South China Sea and drink a concoction of various herbs and elixirs that I mixed up, washed down with some pain killers until I was shaking hands with the plankton and slip into the sea and let the cool waters wash over me.

Seemed only fair as I spent many years as a fisherman and consumed a lot of fish, now I’d reciprocate that favor. 

Much romantic crawling off into the desert having my body picked apart by snakes, coyotes, as well as my pockets picked apart by passing newly arrived illegal aliens on their way to the promised land but what is a boy going to do? 

Wasn’t going to whine or cry or say “why me?” I knew exactly why me.  I was there. I remember most of it, regret little, and was actually surprised I made it this long. 

It was there on that porch, in that desert, staring at that wall, drinking that rum, that I had an epiphany. I was having an allergic reaction. I’d lost my inspiration. I’d been planning my retirement for 10 years with so many contingency plans it would have made Bobby Fischer envious and yet here we were.. one move away from check mate. The one move I hadn’t planned for? The collective ignorance of educated people in large groups. I was allergic to global stupidity. 

And we were suffering an epidemic of ignorance. 

It had won, I’d been defeated, throwing in the towel, when all of a sudden… providence! 

The news came on the radio. 

Started out with the same old blather that me like most Americans,  and most of the world I imagine, we’re getting rather bored with, but this was different. 

The Russians had been saber rattling with Ukraine for years..  nobody really expected a full scale invasion as that would be?… stupid?  Yet here we are. 

I was a bit taken aback as I was listening to the claims by Russia about Ukraine being a neo nazi regime when they had a Jewish president (clever nazis?) and all this back forth of conflicting accounts from our own media with little or no push back and I couldn’t help but think that they both can’t be true and then … snake island..  13 border guards were told by the Russian flagship Moscova (Moscow) to lay down their weapons and surrender or they would be killed…to which the border guards replied “Russian warship ..  why don’t you go fuck yourselves?” 

Ok .. now you’ve got my attention .. I’ve been telling people this all of my life and now I’ve really found a people I can relate to (turned out it wasn’t actually true but so what? It was a good story nonetheless)

5 minutes later I booked my ticket to Warsaw.. TBC

getting a tank for North Dakota next week 


May 2022
I’m just back in the states to rid myself of all my possessions and return to Kyiv.. I’m a writer, radio journalist, and do humanitarian work..my project is in two phases.. help to win this war and reestablish the 91 borders.. and then help with the rebuilding of ukraine… I’m selling off or giving away all my possessions and moving to Ukraine in order to make this happen and working on crowdfunding as well..  

when the Spanish explorer Cortez arrived in the new world, the first thing he did was set fire to his ships so his crew would not think of returning to Spain..,,

Ukraine is my new world..

I’m in the process now of burning my ships..


Bill would like to return to Ukraine to help displaced families find purpose and a place in chaotic times. More info to come. The first 10 donations over $100 will receive a numbered t-shirt.