We are raising funds to help this Freedom Family and to share their story. It is our goal to cover the costs to get their father/husband home, and to generate enough funds to help get this family back on their feet financially. This is their story from the wife's perspective.

My husband is being held against his will in the Middle East due to his decision not to receive the COVID vaccination. His employer terminated him instead of continuing to utilize him in a remote capacity and is attempting to extort him for $75,000+ USD for unfounded expenses they state he owes. The company will continue to deny his exit visa until they are paid in full or the case is heard in court - which, could take an additional 2 to 4 months.

As an unvaccinated person, he is confined to the compound. It is illegal for him to enter any public or private place, including grocery stores, and he is unable to utilize public transportation or ride shares without a digital vaccine passport.

My husband is jobless in a foreign country unable to support me and our three children back in the States. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and unable to find work that would generate more income than childcare would cost for our other children. We have depleted our savings and are maxing out our credit cards. Bills are stacking up and the pantry is thinning. The US Embassy states they are prohibited from getting involved in labor disputes. Our only option is to pay the company’s ransom or to continue litigating, which, to date has been costly and has only caused more roadblocks and delays.

My husband fought for his medical freedom and is now being persecuted for it. My family is in desperate need of your help. Thank you for sharing our story.