The Freedom Convoy and surrounding social, political, medical, and economic circumstances that led to the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa are matters of significant public interest. There seems to be a great divide with respect to the understanding of the public with respect to the facts of these matters. 

To promote healing and unity between all people of all backgrounds, beliefs, religions, and creeds, The United People of Canada are hosting a 14-day inclusive Community Conversation at The Embassy in Ottawa to discuss the Freedom Convoy and surrounding topics.

This event is one of truth-seeking and healing as a community.

The following video clip from Friends for Freedom: an Unmasked Documentary, is one of many perspectives on this topic of significant public interest:

Here are other perspectives:

The Embassy is committed to making this an open and accessible Community Conversation, with free tickets to participate available to the public.

To host this event, we are depending on the support of those that wish to see this truth-seeking and healing Community Conversation happen to work towards repairing the divide in our community. The United People of Canada is providing this amazing new venue space, The Embassy, and we need to raise some additional funds for restoration work to prepare the venue for this and other Community Conversations, and to provision the facility for hosting a conference/town-hall style event for 14-days. This may include, but is not limited to, fencing and security, building materials, portable washrooms, audio visual system, conference tables, transportation reimbursement for guest speakers, budget for community presenters for materials, etc.

All surplus funds will be directed as The United People of Canada see most appropriate, including, but not limited to, restoring the Pipe Organ, Mini Grand Piano, etc.