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Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 54,828

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Brandon Fellows is 27 years old. He is from Albany, NY. Brandon has a good heart and loves his country. He attended a Trump rally on January 6. He was totally nonviolent and was even welcomed into the Capitol Building by the police. Now he sits in the DC jail under inhumane conditions. He also suffers from mental health conditions without anything close to proper medical care in the DC "Gitmo".

Brandon is in desperate need of a lawyer. His last court appointed lawyer was not trusted. The court appointed lawyers for any of the January 6 detainees have a habit of not fighting for their clients.

Brandons whole life has fallen apart during this political persecution. He made his living cleaning chimneys, cutting trees, and working construction. He also coached kids soccer and wrestling. It is very sad what the DOJ has done to a peaceful protester like Brandon. As well as his current inhumane treatment in the DC jail, he also just lost his beloved grandmother. She was his closest family member.

Please help Brandon raise enough money to hire a lawyer and get his life back together. Anything you give will be used wisely. Brandon really needs your help. Thank you!


Update #1 - February 1, 2022
February 3, 2022
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Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me and supported my GiveSendGo Fundraising campaign.  You have absolutely no idea what your outpouring of support has meant to me, and the hope it gives me in knowing that we are not alone in here.  While being in here is so difficult at times,  knowing that there are indeed people that care about us and what we are going through gives me some element of hope that perhaps there will be some light at the end of the tunnel for us, yet.

By the way, we are going back into NO LEAVING of our cells for recreational time, again.  They said they were mistaken the past 3 days when they let us out and we have a few more days of restriction – no phone calls, no heating up our food, etc.  I am thinking about later leaving my cell and not going in until ERT (Emergency Response Team) comes to get me or until I speak directly with a white shirt (Supervisor), or get a signed copy of Mr. Day (who keeps harassing me and keeps me from leaving my cell for rec) writes that he has told me he is refusing to let me have rec or phone calls.  The other inmates in the vents that are not J6ers have said they get rec and phones calls even on cell restriction.  The other guard who came in with Colgi said they don’t treat the other inmates on cell restriction like that.  I am particularly worried that it could escalate, and I have even had a dream I was being beaten by guards – weird timing!   

If anything happens “they attached an autistic guy who peacefully protested for his civil rights and 14th amendment rights, and to make phone calls”.  Hopefully it will not get to that.  Thank you for everything you have been doing, and please be sure to thank everyone who have contributed to my fundraiser.  

Thank you,
Brandon “The First Insurrectionist” Fellows PPOW #377943


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