We are in a Fight in Orange County, Florida, that will dictate, ultimately, the laws across this Country. We need your help to be able to Fight for OUR Existence and STOP HB269 and hamper the political control over our Courts, Laws and Constitutional Rights! Understand, We may be the ones in front of the Judge, but this case affects each and everyone of us! If you can assist in our Legal fund it would be greatly appreciated, if you are unable to, but know others who might, please share this with them. Together, we shall see a brighter tomorrow. Alone, we shall see nothing but darkness! Stand United and make the difference that you've struggled for!

Jason Brown, Ronald Murray, Amanda Rains, Anthony Altick are facing unjust charges of criminal mischief for exercising their right to free expression by waving flags on an overpass. Politicians would like to make an example out of these citizens for political purposes. They need your support to fight these unjust charges and protect our constitutional rights. 

These individuals are being represented by Augustus Sol Invictus, a dedicated attorney with a strong track record of defending civil liberties. Your contribution to this fundraiser will go directly towards covering legal fees and ensuring that justice prevails. Let's stand up for free speech and protect our rights together. Please donate today to support their legal defense!