The State is fighting to keep its masking power. The Governor can still mask our children at any time with no restraint. They can impose pretty much any measure they want with this power as long as it is "related" to public health. The State has trampled on our rights and our children's rights. The only thing legal obstacle in the State's way is me. I won the case in Supreme Court and now am fighting their appeal. I expect another appeal to New York State's highest court, the Court of Appeals.
I initially took on this case pro bono. But it was too time-consuming. Thus, I am fighting this case on a "low bono" basis. Luckily, many generous folks have donated along the way. Any amount you can donate to help fund this cause would be greatly appreciated. Donations also allow me to help as many of you as possible by sharing updated news and answering questions. That is how I have been able to continue fighting.Β Please donate; this fight is far from over.