Hello!  There is a single mom named Cindy that has adopted 4 foster kiddos.  They live paycheck to paycheck.  She works so hard to give these kids a better life from their previous abusive, neglected caregivers.  She works a full time job, cuts coupons, and tries to survive without help everyday.  Just yesterday, the transmission went out in her car.  She has no way to get to her job or to the grocery store or take her kids to their medical appointments.  They all have special needs.  It would be such a blessing to be able to help her pay for the transmission.  The car is at Certified Transmission in Kansas City, Missouri.  The amount has been verified as to the lowest cost that the transmission can be repaired for.  Thank you so much for your consideration of her story.  If you can not contribute, please remember Cindy and her children in your prayers.  Thank you!