We are an incredible group of ex-aviation staff that have been greatly impacted by unjust and harsh mandates from our former employers.
To date we have been able to put a valid law test in place that proves sacking threats automatically prohibits any injecting practitioner from injections under the Australian Immunisation Handbook, Criterion 2 - Valid Consent.
In a recent ruling from The Fair Work Commission, Commissioner O’Neill stated that “significant pressure” was applied by the employer to be v**cinated.
Further, the barristers for both respondents have highlighted that the only outcome once an injecting practitioner becomes aware that a sacking threat was made, is a refusal to be injected.
Despite these statements, we all remain in a disadvantaged position having our employment terminated and our reputations tarnished irrespective of our experience, loyalty and extensive years of service.
We are now bringing our case to the federal court and our aim is to set a precedent worldwide that will not only reaffirm our claims but lead the way forward by ensuring no one is ever subject to inhumane practices, policies or mandates in the future!
How can you help? So far we have self litigated however, the time has come for us to engage legal counsel to run our case. The financial impact to us all has come with its own challenges. We are asking the community to come together and donate to our fund and help support our case. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.