The four main websites of the Aryan Media Group are being combined and re-organized into a new website called, the Aryan Archive (see below). This is a massive undertaking--as well as an extremely important one to the preservation and advancement of our people, their history, their heritage, and their culture--that is going to take millions of man-hours to accomplish. This campaign has been launched to raise money in order to fund this project.

Hi, I'm Russell James. I'm a long-time Aryan activist, writer, publisher, event organizer, and educator with more than 25 years experience advocating on behalf of our people. In that time, I've written more than 5 million words, in social media posts, books, blog entries, and articles that have been printed in venues as varied as Caste Football and The Occidental Observer; published almost 30 books (by other authors) that are all available for free in both HTML and PDF formats on the Colchester Collection (see below); given speeches and interviews in both mainstream and Aryanist media; organized events, including the Worcester Public Library hearings that established the now commonly used tactic of holding pro-White meetings in public spaces; developed educational curricula; and tirelessly instructed anyone interested in the three most important facts of our time, namely that: White Genocide is happening; Jews are behind it; and we have, not only a right, but an obligation to resist it. Even with all that, my main contribution to the White Rights Movement has been in building four massive archives of pro-White resources: The Colchester Collection, Praxis Mag, TalieVision, and The Patriot Portal.

The Colchester Collection, founded in May of 2011, is a growing archive of more than 1,700 pro-White books. It also functions as a distributed book shop, ensuring that hard copies of titles censored by "mainstream" book sellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble can still be purchased on the Web.

Praxis Mag, founded in April of 2014, is a vast resource of more than 6,000 pro-White articles, essays, papers, and more.

TalieVision, founded in February of 2019, is television for a Whiter future, with almost 600 pro-White or White-friendly videos, including speeches, classic public access TV programs, interviews, documentaries, feature films, and more. We add 10-15 new titles every week.

The Patriot Portal, founded in November of 2019, is a growing Web directory of roughly 800 pro-White and White-friendly websites. You can think of it as an online Yellow Pages for the pro-White Right.

Despite the over 9,000 resources already listed in the above archives, there are tens of thousands more that could, and should, be added. It is simply too much work for one person to do in one lifetime. In fact, I've calculated that it would take a team of 25 people working full-time about three years to get everything archived, and because there is more high-quality pro-White content created all the time, there would be more archiving to do when that work is completed. That said, I'm talking about only the most basic kind of archiving here, which means finding the resources and adding them to the archive. For instance, it takes about one to two hours to find a book, download it, write descriptions for it and the author, upload it to the Colchester Collection, and then promote it on social media. If we wanted to also add a professionally edited digital version of the book in both HTML and PDF formats, that could take up to two weeks for each title. Of course, adding an article, video, or a website entry to each of their respective archives doesn't take nearly as much time, but to do them justice, and create a high quality archive, is labor intensive.

But I want to do more than just the above. I not only want the Archive to be a repository of pro-White websites, videos, books, and other texts, but I also want to expand it to include archives of podcasts, images, music, and anything else useful to our people. Eventually, the goal is to grow it into a full-blown online university offering rigorous courses with demanding instructors, as well as a self-publishing/content creation platform, where like-minded Aryans can collaborate with each other and gain the funding to create family- and White-friendly information and entertainment content.

In order to enable this work and make it more accessible to our people, I'm going to combine the four above websites and re-organize them into one new site, called, The Aryan Archive. To do this, I'm going to need your help. Over the years, many people have written me asking how they can help. At the time, the sites' workflow really wasn't organized in a way that made this easy, this site will change that.

In order to build a high quality archive that is much more than just a document dump and can become the central knowledge store of the Aryan people, I'm going to need to hire a couple dozen employees, mostly archivists, but graphic designers, marketing representatives, and a web administrator too. The payroll costs in the current market place for this number of employees, in these roles, could easily exceed $2 million per year, but I'm sure we can do it for less than half of that, in the long-run. In the meantime, my goal is to raise $2,500 per month. These funds would be used to enable me to work full-time on the project for a year. That way I will be able to continue to add more high-quality content; to organize the initial base of volunteers (see below); and to otherwise continue promoting the project and to continue fundraising. Over the last 10-plus years, due to having to work full-time to pay the bills, I've only been able to work 15-20 hours a week on the archives, if I'm able to work full-time, I could more than double my production.

I estimate that when the project is up-and-running at full-strength with all 25, or so, employees working full-time, the annual costs will be somewhere around $1 million dollars. If we could raise somewhere between $10-$15 million dollars (I know it sounds like a lot, but it is a tiny fraction of the tens [perhaps hundreds?] of billions of dollars our enemies use to fund their anti-White organizations), those moneys would be used to fund an endowment that would last indefinitely. We would use the earnings from the endowment to pay salaries and other costs in perpetuity. In other words, we'd probably never have to do another fundraiser again and could focus all of our energies on our mission of creating the greatest repository of truth-telling resources on the Web.

The Archive is going to have an affiliated gift shop, where we will sell the usual promotional merchandise to help with fundraising: keychains, coffee mugs, baseball caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and such. We will also be selling deluxe, collectible, limited edition books published by our publishing arm, Fairborne Publishing. For every dollar you donate, you will receive a credit at the gift shop. For example,if you donate $100, you will be able to order $100 worth of goods from the shop, at no additional cost to you.

To my way of thinking (and the reason I started these archives more than a decade ago), the Aryan Archive is the most important project ever undertaken to ensure the preservation and advancement of our people. My reasoning is that Culture is everything. Let me explain. Culture has been defined as "that which is passed-down". It is the accumulated knowledge of a people in not only how to survive, but to thrive, in the environment in which they find themselves. The environment Whites find themselves in today is toxic to them, because a hostile alien people, Jews, control the culture. This is called hegemony. The controllers themselves are called hegemons. In order to "secure the existence of our people and a future for White children" we must become the hegemons of our nations. A central repository of pro-White information, art, and entertainment resources is vital to teaching our people what they need to know to the degree that they internalize that information and are thus able to become cultural leaders (aka hegemons).

The word "Aryan" comes from the ancient Sanskrit word "arya", and means noble or noblility. In this age of White Genocide, there is no one more noble than those who resist. This archive is for them. A place where they can learn fundamental truths, and more importantly how to put those truths into practice in order to make their own lives and the lives of their people, better. Hence, I call it the Aryan Archive.