Fighting Giants

Campaign Created by: Bradley Elmore

The funds from this campaign will be received by Thomas Harris.

Goal: USD $103,000
Raised: USD $ 26,459

Fighting a Giant. 

The Campaign of a small business owner to raise funding for legal expenses to push back against ATF overreach. 

Please help one of my closest friends, Tom Harris, the owner of a small gun store, who is trying to defend against the unwarranted attempt of the ATF to take away his Federal Firearms License. For the past 30 years, Tom has continuously owned and operated Sporting Arms Company located in North Texas. Tom has maintained over 99% accuracy with tens of thousands retail transactions. But he is being harassed and pressured by ATF to "voluntarily surrender" his license to operate a retail business.

The ATF has been directed by the current Administration to reinterpret regulations to adhere to their "Zero Tolerance" policy for any minor clerical paperwork errors. The ATF now retroactively goes back decades to try and find these paperwork errors.

Over 1,000 FFL Retailers since 2021 have suffered intimidation and given up their businesses. All at the hand of an organization who should be assisting in the accurate and lawful adherence of our 2nd Amendment Right to purchase and own firearms. 

Tom is a proud parent of 5 and actively supports his family with college and living expenses. His faith in God is his strength and he greets every customer with a "God Bless You." There is power in prayer that can help fight Giants, such as defending against the ATF. 100% of donations will go to urgently needed legal expenses in pushing back against unwarranted ATF action. Please help in this situation as it is helping all who read this to fight against Government overreach and preserve our constitutional rights. 


Update #1
July 26, 2023
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Many of you who have donated to Tom's fund have gotten here by reading the recently published article written by Lee Williams. For those donors who haven't seen this great news article, here is a link to it. . Tom and I appreciate this writing from this well respected journalist and all who have donated so far in this Fighting a Giant. Keep both Lee and Tom in your prays through this, as we will be keeping all who have given and all who will give in our Prayers

Thank You 


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