My name is Greyson Arnold and I run an organization called Pure Politics. For the past few years we have been covering major historical events which the mainstream media refuses to. I want to make journalism truthful again, to report on events with integrity. My organization is unapologetically pro-Christian and pro-American. 

Our network has been expanding at an extraordinary rate. We need the people’s support to continue growing and ultimately crush fake news.

We have covered the BLM riots in San Francisco and Seattle, the Antifa riots in Portland and LA, Million MAGA Marches in Washington DC, the mostly peaceful January 6th protest, March for Life and Defeat the Mandates protests, and so many others. Through all of this I have built a volunteer network of journalists and reporters in every state of the union who are passionate to expose the lies of mainstream media. 

The Pure Politics show has access to an amazing network of professionals and has interviewed important people censored by the media, including on topics such as COVID and Election Fraud. When we upload this content to YouTube, we are met with censorship, the videos are flagged, deleted, and the account shadowbanned. We need to host the interviews on our own servers. Traditional social media requires a network of passionate patriots to combat this censorship.

To take the next big step requires funding. The goals:

1. Creating a professional studio for interviews and consolidated reporting.

2. High quality equipment, HD video, microphones, and livestreaming gear.

3. Covering travel expenses and event expenses for my volunteers.

4. Hiring security for more dangerous events/riots.

5. Developing the Pure Politics website and hosting it on our own servers.

6. Signing on established names to host their own shows on the network.

With your help, we look forward to destroying the fake news media and making the news truthful again.