For two-plus years now, Tennessee Voters for Election Integrity has researched deep into our county's, state's and nation's voting processes.  We began by delving into voting machines, voter rolls, vote centers and other aspects of our most precious benefit as American citizens.  Along the way, based upon what we've learned -- and continue to learn -- we've advocated for much needed changes that greatly improve the transparency and integrity of voting in our Constitutional Republic.    

We’ve helped usher Dominion machines out of our county, forced greater oversight of election documentation, uncovered “holes” in our election system, pushed for precinct voting and currency-grade hand-marked paper ballots, constantly monitored the county’s and state’s election commission’s plans and performance, as well as other numerous election improvements. We also recently temporarily halted the county’s mad dash to purchase more machines. 

Would you consider helping us? 

Among various focuses, we intend to push for:

• A complete return to precinct voting vs. vote center voting;

• Ensuring the Williamson County’s election commission’s feasibility study for hand-marked paper ballots is transparent, valid, fair and executed by an unbiased vendor;

• Cleaner voter rolls that require a continuous supply of updated county and state voter rolls to ensure that what election commissions say they’re doing is truly done;

• A continued effort to de-machine our county’s and state’s voting system; and

• A tireless determination to better educate the election commission, all public officials, the election integrity-deniers and all citizens to the facts behind the vulnerabilities that currently infect our voting system. 

Many of these efforts will necessitate legal support… which doesn’t come cheap. 

Tennessee Voters for Election Integrity is not a 501(c)3 non-profit. We’re simply a group of patriot citizens who have loosely banded together to tackle these problems and more for the good of our children’s future. In the past, our costs have been borne by our own pocketbooks. This broader focus, however, is costlier. We calculate at this moment we’ll need $10,000 in the next few months to continue this work. 

All of our members have already chipped in, pushing us towards our goal.  Any amount you can donate -- $10, $15, $50, $100, $500, anything – will help us greatly improve our efforts to better secure the voting system here in Williamson County and Tennessee. Thank you for helping us save our Constitutional Republic.  

Frank Limpus 

Tennessee Voters for Election Integrity