It's out of control.  Every day in schools across America, students are told that they aren't good enough.  Worse than that, they are taught that they are BAD, and that they are responsible for the oppression of millions over the course of the last 400 years.  Teachers indoctrinate them so that they will believe they are "oppressors" who need to make "reparations" for the alleged sins of their fathers.  This is taught under the guise of a curriculum known as "critical race theory" (CRT).


We The Patriots USA, Inc. is standing behind the brave parents who have said STOP, enough is enough. Those who understand you will never fight hate with more hate. 

That is why We The Patriots USA, Inc. is committed to taking on legal cases to end this divisive curriculum, starting with a lawsuit against the Guilford, CT Public Schools, which has been accused of horrific acts of retaliation against parents and students for fighting against CRT.

If you oppose CRT in schools, please consider a donation today to We The Patriots USA, Inc. to support this CRT litigation and future legal battles like it, and share with everyone you know.  All donations go directly to fund CRT litigation and the Mission of We The Patriots USA, Inc.

Together, we can create an America where no child ever feels the shame of being born with the “wrong” skin color, or the guilt for atrocities that occurred decades or centuries before his birth. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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Click here to listen to the Steve Deace Show featuring WTP USA Co-Founder Brian Festa and Connecticut Mom Danielle Scarpellino as they discuss the CRT case against Guilford Public Schools.