Hunger Hurts

I'm A Dedicated Animal Lover Who Cares About Our Furry Friends In Need

I've Been Seeking Donations Since My Emergency Trip To The Hospital Last February. I Collapsed In The Walmart Parking Lot Going To Get Cat Food During A Winter Storm, After Completing A 16 Hour Shift At Work... Later That Day I Was Admitted To The Hospital, Due To A Internal Bleed. I Haven't Been Able To Work The Additional Hours I Was Doing To Support My "Feral Cat Fund." This Has Been My Cause For The Past Several Years. Many Of The Cats Have Been TRN; I Volunteered To Pay For Their Food And Do The Daily Feeding To Ensure They Get Fed The Way I Feel They Should. ( I Include Wet Food With The Dry) The Weekly Cost Was Approximately $150.00 Before Politics Got Involved, But It's Now $225 Plus, I Added A Few More Mouths To Feed. I Cannot Turn My Back On An Animal In Need. I'm Hoping You Feel The Same As I Do. Together We Can Help Ease The Pain Of Innocent Lives Who Do Not Deserve What Fate Has Handed Them. I Believe It's Our Earthly Duty To Reach Out To A Hurting Heart That Is Suffering. I'm 70 Years Old Lugging #30 Bags Of Dry Food, As Well As Cases Of Wet Food. Thank You To Those Who Have Donated; My Messages Don't Come Through For Each Donation Like They Used To...I'm Saying Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart...You Can Always Leave Me A Message On We love Animals Page...Deb