A New Home for Family Life!

Campaign Created by: Daniel Hochstatter

The funds from this campaign will be received by Family Life Christian Center.

Goal: USD $30,000
Raised: USD $ 24,790


The Promised Land is in sight my friends! While we believe we have everything we need to complete the purchase of this building, we don't want any last minute surprises to cause this deal to fail. $30,000 would give us a comfortable cushion to protect us from any unexpected expenses. Either way, EVERY DOLLAR RAISED will go DIRECTLY TOWARD THE NEW BUILDING! Your gift might be our new chairs, new lights, new livestream system, new kids stuff, new furniture, new stools for the coffee bar, who knows! Or your gift might be the reason that we could overcome any last-minute expenses to keep this deal moving forward. If 100 people chose to give $300, then we will complete this goal! This is all above and beyond our operating expenses so you can be sure that EVERY DOLLAR is being used to build up this community-focused house of worship. We have been working tirelessly on this purchase for almost a year and we don't want to trip at the finish line, we want to soar past the finish line and carry that momentum into the start of this new and exciting journey for Family Life Christian Center! 

But maybe this is the first you have heard of our church, or maybe you're not sure what this concept is that we call "The Living Room." If that's you, we hope that all of your answers can be found just below!


Family Life Christian Center has been one of the “best-kept secrets” of our community for the last 16 years. When people do manage to find us, they find a passionate community of mature believers that ignite faith, courage, and growth in all who come. As a church that yearns to see the church and the individuals within it fulfill their highest calling in Christ, we find ourselves repeatedly running into the same barriers:

  1.  LOCATION: We are hard to find. Even with the address, low visibility does us no favors in regards to being seen in our community.
  1.  SPACE: Even with having moved to 2 services, our space is limited. We want our events, kids ministry, and worship services to have room for many more to attend!
  1.  APPEAL: Being honest, despite our best efforts, our building is not very pretty. We want a space that looks pleasant to visit and stay a while!


We have BIG dreams for the kind of impact we can have in our community. Aside from the church having room to grow, investing more energy into conferences, worship nights, youth activities, and training opportunities, The Living Room will enable us to do SO MUCH MORE for our community.

  • CAFÉ: Let’s face it. People gather around food! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee are all opportunities for people to break bread together and form deeper relationships.
  • BANQUET HALL: Our worship space will double as an event venue for weddings, corporate parties, and more! The Living Room will be a place where our community celebrates together.
  • YOUTH SPACE: The Living Room will be every kids dream come true! Kids can play, learn, and connect while mom and dad make some new friends or relax in the Café.
  • COMMUNITY EVENTS: We’ll do Karaoke, Trivia, Board Games, Theater Productions, TED Talks, Debates, anything and everything that will either entertain, equip, or inspire our neighborhood.
As you can see, this is not about the church just serving itself. The Living Room will be a safe haven, a beacon, and a pillar of strength within our community. By meeting the felt needs of our neighbors every day, we will be more than just a place to praise God. We will be a precious hub within our city for every person to feel like family, get connected, and grow closer to God.


Why $30,000? Because while we are mostly certain that we have enough funds to complete this process, we want to leave some cushion room. We don't want any last minute surprise expenses to put this whole purchase at risk. And why shouldn't we aim to soar past the finish line at full speed?! Especially because 100% of every dollar received through this platform will go directly to the new building! Your gift might be our new chairs, new lights, new livestream system, new kids stuff, new furniture, new stools for the coffee bar, who knows! This is all above and beyond our operating expenses so you can be sure that EVERY DOLLAR is being used to build up this community-focused house of worhsip.

Our REAL dream is that we actually raise $2 Million so that we can purchase the building cash as well as FULLY RENOVATE it, rather than slowly improve it one piece at a time. No matter what, we are committed to doing our absolute best with whatever we are given. Our faith is high that God is going to transform our little church into something beautiful. After all, this was His vision to begin with and we know that His word does not return to Him void. 


The old church model is failing and it’s a problem that we feel God is calling us to solve. Help us bring a new kind of church to life. Help us equip, connect, and empower our community 365 days of the year. Help us build The Living Room.


Update: WE DID IT!!!!
August 9, 2022
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I am so enormously pleased to report that while our campaign here only says that we have raised just shy of $30k, with the giving outside of this GiveSendGo and the $50k match, we have officially raised OVER $125,000 in a week! God has provided abundantly more than we expected or even asked! Praise God for His goodness, HIs provision, and His faithfulness, and thank you thank you thank you to every single person who chose to give towards this exciting mission that God has called us to! We can now confidently close on this building and we will own it no later than August 12th of this year. Thank you for your prayer, your giving, and your support in helping our small (but mighty) church finally reach a place that we can call home. Come visit us when we open later this fall!

$50,000 MATCH!!!
August 2, 2022
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BIG NEWS!!! All gifts up to $50,000 raised in the next 2 days will be MATCHED dollar for dollar, thanks to a very generous donor. We're well on our way to closing on this building AND getting the building ready for use right from the start! This is our moment Family Life! Anyone and everyone, do you have even $10 that you would be willing to donate to see the Church and the Kingdom advance?!


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