Since 2017 and 2018 Abigail and Sam Etudor have been devoting their lives to spreading the Gospel across the nations. They met at YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and fell in love. They found that they both had the same heart for missions and wanted to devote their lives to sharing the love of God to those who didn't know Him. In 2020, they were married. They have continued to do the Lord's work and are currently on staff at YWAM. There, they teach discipleship classes as well as leading groups throughout the world on mission trips. They do community outreach and help with needs here in America too. They lead the youth into having personal relationships with God and finding His purpose for their lives. Their hearts are broken for hurting and lost people. They constantly give their time to help others even if it means they have less.

At YWAM, they are taught to be totally dependent upon God for all of their financial needs. Their living is solely dependent upon donations from family, friends and the contacts they make as they share the Gospel. I have personally witnessed them going without so that others needs were provided. Their hearts are to see people around the world hear and know Jesus through a personal relationship with Him. They trust that God will take care of them while they help others. He has not let them down! 

Because their income is based on personal donations, they are on a tight monthly budget for basic needs. This does not allow for large expenses. In 2022 shortly before their son was born, they were given the opportunity to buy a camper to call home. God provided for this unexpected blessing! They have been gratefully living in this camper on the YWAM base since this provision. 

Currently the the roof of their camper needs to be replaced immediately.  There is damage that is causing leaks and other issues. Now that they have a family, mold concerns are even greater.  We are starting this campaign to help Sam & Abigail repair their roof so their family is safe and they can continue their work for the Lord. 

Any amount is greatly appreciated. We know that if everyone gives what they can it will add up to help take care of this need. If you are interested in becoming a monthly supporter for these missionaries, please ask for information. 

Thank you so much for your generous gift!