Pay Vladimir Putin to end the Ukraine war and to step down from any position in the Russian government. 

The cost of ending the war is surely less expensive for the world to bear than the cost of the war. 

This appears to me as the most Jesus following way to end the Ukraine war.

No money will be disbursed to Mr. Putin until he fully complies. All money will be refunded, less any GiveSendGo fees or credit card processing fees, at such time as I determine that Mr. Putin has declined our offer to comply.

If you wish to donate by check to avoid any fees, the Senior Elder of the Provo, Utah Seventh Day Adventist Church has agreed that you may send checks made out to me, Tom Tomeny, to their address. 

If you are unsure of trusting me with your money, please contact me and I will supply you with references to various ecclesiastical leaders in numerous churches who will testify to my trustworthiness and long history of living in the Way of Jesus.

Let the leaders of the world know that the money of the world can all belong to them, for we, the Jesus followers, belong to Jesus, the true leader of heaven as we allow Earth to become Heaven by truly following Him, Jesus Christ.