Texas passed a law, HB 20, that gives citizens the right to file lawsuits against social media platforms who censor them. The problem is, social media is fighting back, and we need your help to enforce this new law and put an end to social media censorship in Texas and other states, once and for all, by filing class action lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. and by lobbying state legislatures to pass similar laws.  The precedent we set with this "test case" will open the door for class actions and will establish precedent that can be used to file similar lawsuits in other states.

If you are a Texan being censored on social media, you can donate and put your name on a list to participate in the class action lawsuits we will bring. If you live outside of Texas, we would love to help you lobby get a similar law passed in your state by hosting events for your state representatives. Once you have donated, send an email to admin@fireduptxlawyer.com so that we can make sure you put your name on our list. Make sure to let us know which state you live in, and we will follow up with you. Also, visit www.fireduptxlawyer.com to stay updated on what we're doing.

The law firm of Paul M. Davis & Associates filed the first-ever lawsuit under HB 20 against Facebook after Facebook suspended Texas gubernatorial candidate, Chad Prather's account only a week before the 2022 primary election. We won a temporary restraining order getting Chad temporarily out of "Facebook jail."

While this was a historic victory, our battle is far from over. We need to win this lawsuit to establish precedent in the Texas courts that this law is enforceable to stop woke California social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. from censoring online free speech in the state of Texas. Currently, we are facing multiple motions to dismiss that are very expensive and time-consuming to litigate.

Whether we win or lose, the decision will go up on appeal and will likely end up in the Texas Supreme Court. The precedent we establish with this "test case" will open the door to the class actions we intend to file. But, we can't win without your help. I (this is Paul Davis) am currently a one-lawyer law firm. I need your help to be able to hire other lawyers and staff to fight these big tech companies in court. I can't do it by myself.

In addition, a group of Democrats and never-Trumpers are trying to have me disbarred because of my efforts to fight for election integrity in the courts. They have file a grievance against me with the Texas Bar that I'm currently fighting. I will likely have to hire a lawyer to help me keep my license. Your donation will not only go toward fighting social media companies in court, lobbying for similar laws in other states, but will help me keep my law license so that I have the ability to continue to fight. Thank you for your support and God Bless Texas and the USA!