To Protect & Secure Our Elections

Campaign Created by: Election Oversight

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kevin Moncla.

Goal: USD $125,000
Raised: USD $ 25,965

The time is now! Our country is at a crossroad and if we fail to correct our elections, the thought of what's to come is unimaginable. Our group has the knowledge, tools, data and experience to yield results. We have applied an investigative approach that not only focuses on counting votes and forensically examining voting machines, but also provides an analysis of the periphery processes of the election as a whole. Proven with a long list of findings, some public and others confidential, we are armed with a solid understanding of what is happening. Now we need your help, so we can act and do something about it. 

We must ensure our elected officials are elected, not selected.


Election Oversight Update:
November 9, 2022
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     We have been sincerely moved and humbled by your support and messages.  They have fueled our efforts and really do make a big difference.  We are fighting with everything we have and yielding results.  Since filing our Verified Notice and Demand for Emergency Review which outlined overwhelming evidence of problems with the Dominion machines from across the state of GA, the State Election Board attempted to explain away our findings.  The SEB brought in an anonymous “outside testing company” to review our complaint and their response was nothing short of insulting.  Despite the fact that this outside testing company only gave implausible excuses, we knew it would be used as a means to dismiss our complaint.  Therefore, we hired our own experts, with credentials, and reasserted our findings in a new filing last week, which can be found here:

SEB Complaint - Cross_and_Moncla - -20221104 FINAL | PDF | Qr Code | Image Scanner (

     We also filed another complaint this week regarding the Dominion system tabulators that are used throughout advanced voting and on election day. The tabulators have a specific function that is used to authenticate genuine ballots, this feature was disabled in the hundreds of tabulators for which we have records.  We were prompted to investigate this after a fraudulent ballot was discovered in Spalding County.  The ballot had been scanned and accepted by a tabulator even though it was printed on lined loose-leaf paper.  This complaint can be found here:

     We have 3 more complaints we are filing over the next 2 weeks which we are still preparing. You can subscribe and follow all our work at:  Please know that even though the SEB is not responsive, they are in-fact liable. We plan to soon hold the SEB and the SOS accountable in a court of law, but we need your help to reach our goal.  We won't stop for excuses, we want results. We can’t do this without you!


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