Helping Elatia make ends meet during recovery

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My Daughter Elatia Zaffke, is having Brain Surgery to remove a tumor this week. We do not know the status of this tumor, however, it is growing and has to be removed sooner than later.

While thankfully the VA is covering the procedure itself as she is a Navy Veteran of 6 years' service, she will be left with no income or any way to get any for the recovery period which could be as long as a couple months. While this is not forever, it is longer than most bills will wait. 

She is very independent and does not want to ask for help, but she won't get thru this time of recovery without some support. Her Mother and I can give some support but do not have the means to cover her rent and utilities and food completely during this time.

We are not asking for a miracle, other than the procedure being successful and being benign. We are only hoping for a little help. 

Thanks for thinking of her, we appreciate deeply any assistance.

Update 3. Been a day of basically sleeping and pain management. All seems to be on track. Hopefully tomorrow brings news. 


Update #4
September 28, 2023
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It looks like she gets to go back to work soon. She will need to work that out with the employer and ensure she can perform job duties as needed.

It was an amazing job by the Drs. involved for sure. great care from the the whole U of M staff.

Her sense of smell should return over time, hopefully in the next few months, and headaches will subside, hopefully she can stop living on Tylenol and Ibuprofen soon.

While we are hoping to catch up on the stack of bills soon, we appreciate all the support we have been given so far here.

we are truly blessed, and give our deepest thanks.

Update #3
September 19, 2023
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another week has gone by, the headaches are lessening. Next week to meet with surgeon, to find a potential back to work date, we hope.

hopefully soon, times are tough.

thanks to all who have help so far.

Update #2
July 28, 2023
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After 6 hour surgery, she made it to recovery and is awaiting a room. 

Thanks for all your kindness

Update #1 .
July 27, 2023
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surgery has begun, thanks all


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