We just keep getting censored. If we are to expose the abominable practices of the biotech companies, such as using aborted fetal tissue for vaccines and biologics, or such as the type of research that can lead to a worldwide plague that kills millions, we simply MUST have a secure server to host the information others want to suppress. 

These people will stop at nothing to silence us! EdenCultures.com is a blog that will host all of my content about Biotechnology, natural health and clean living, with a love for LIFE and CREATION as it is.

But it is also equipped with a public forum for you to share your experiences. See our public vaccine reaction forum and contribute to help us get a private server rack so that no one can stop us. 

We all know "The Truth Shall Set You Free" but how do we find it? We can share our experiences with each other on a fair platform that wishes to benefit humanity and each decide for ourselves. 

We are looking for contributor for topics like: sustainability, sciences, and news. If you think you would be a good fit for my conspiracy exposing, truth and life loving blog, please send an email with cover letter and resume to EdenCultures@protonmail.com. 

If you are like me (Heather Day) and you want to break up with abusive social media companies but don't know how to do it, consider donating to the cause of this website.