As a friend, and on behalf of the Eddy family, I ask for your generosity in contributing to this fundraiser. The Eddy family is a deeply faith filled Catholic family and their desire for a rich Catholic based K-12 education for their children recently brought them to the Chippewa Falls area.  As many of you know, family has always been their highest priority.  As of recently, a series of tragic events have struck the family.

On April 5th, their oldest son Tristan was found to have passed away in his sleep.  At the age of 23, Tristan was just beginning his life as an adult and finding his way forward readying himself for greatness.  Tristan was loved by many and those who knew him knew he loved them even more.  There are really no words that can explain this unfortunate turn in events, and so many are mourning his loss.  The outpouring of support for Bill & Jackie as well as all of Tristan’s family has been profound and overwhelming.  The loss of anyone at such an early age is beyond fathomable.  But, the loss of a child, that is heartbreaking.  Tristan had his world in front of him, and in an instant, all the dreams he and his family had for him were dashed.  We all need to now pray for his sainthood and an expedited path to heaven.  To add insult to injury, Bill has been diagnosed with a severe umbilical hernia that will require major surgery.  This has resulted in work limitations, and coupled with his impending surgery, he will be removed from the work force for several months followed by additional restrictions.  Bill is one of the hardest workers I know and is driven by the desire to provide for his family.  The loss of Tristan and Bill’s work restrictions will be a tremendous source of anxiety for him and his family.

As you can imagine or have experienced, the costs of the funeral with all the arrangements and the significantly reduced wages Bill will experience the next several months, puts the Eddy family in a very difficult situation.  I know the will of friends, family, and our communities are wanting to support one another and many have expressed their condolences and desire to support the family.  This fundraiser is an opportunity to show that support for the needed burial for Tristan and to help the family weather the storm.  I am praying you will find it in your heart to support such a wonderful family and help them in a significant time of need.  Prayer chains have been started across Wisconsin and Minnesota, and likely beyond, and I encourage you to join one or start another.  Any gift is beyond appreciated by the Eddy family.  It takes a village, Thank You & God Bless!