We have payment methods on Shing.tv!

And your support received at this GiveSendGo campaign is how we made it happen. This campaign will remain here for people to use who want to donate to Shing to help it grow and also support GiveSendGo. But, this is not a way to pay for a subscription or any other product or service on Shing.

Please do donate through GiveSendGo if you want to support them. We do! 5% of every donation received since the start of this campaign and going forward goes to and has gone to GiveSendGo. If you want to make a donation here, we thank you in advance for your continued support and also for supporting GiveSendGo! But, money received here cannot be applied to purchases on Shing.

GiveSendGo is not a payment method for Shing. And, they are not a payment gateway. https://shing.tv/membership is where to purchase a Shing Premium or Shing Extreme membership for your member account.

You can also connect an online wallet, and make real-time one-click purchase such the all-new Blade Chats on-platform to support the work of your favorite streamers and keep the platform alive. You can also make a donation directly at the site, which is an alternative to GiveSendGo and does not use GiveSendGo.

Thank you all very much for the support you've provided during 2022! We have simply moved on from needing to rely on GiveSendGo to receive financial support. We "made it to that finish line" and now have a payment method in the app.

We may use this campaign for other purposes going forward. But, for now, the monetary goal has been removed and we do not have a goal with this campaign. You simply can donate here to support Shing and to support GiveSendGo.

Thank you again for your kind words, for your words of encouragement, and for your ongoing support. We made it :)