Hello! My name is Rob Colbert. I am the former CTO of Gab.com, and I am launching the Digital Telepresence Platform (DTP) to build a next-gen online streaming technology named: Venue (formerly Soapbox). We have raised the money needed to build the physical systems (the servers). We have built the software technology needed to deliver world-class streaming services that rival sites like Twitch, DLive, and others. Our quality is known to rival Cable TV. 

The name of the technology is: Venue. You will know it as AltMedia.tv and Shing.tv (separate communities). Venue will be made and hosted in the USA by citizens, and it will support free speech as protected by the First Amendment.

A broadcaster will receive a channel enabled with chat, DVR, and many new ways to engage with the audience that we aren't talking about publicly, yet. We are also providing open source software technology needed to operate their own website that directly integrates the platform's streaming services into something they build and own: Their own publishing platform.

What Venue won't have is the platform censorship that keeps Christian and White Americans from having their voices heard while discussing topics such as politics, vaccines, health-related government mandates, alternative lifestyles such as homosexuality, and other issues degrading our society from what it once was. We (as the platform) won't put warning stickers on streams and videos because they question things being said and done by governments, the media, and the justice system. We also won't be censoring chat or other site features.

The service itself is very different. We are not funded by advertising. We are not funded by special interest groups. This GiveSendGo campaign is being done to ask the public for help to get started instead of talking to venture capital firms and becoming beholden to them and their policies. Broadcasters and streamers will be paying for the resources they use, much like paying for cloud hosting to run a website. Other current platforms not only censor, silence, and ban their broadcasters and streamers, they also keep as much as 30% of the revenue a streamer earns. The Digital Telepresence Platform (DTP) keeps 0% of a streamer's revenue...none.

Thank you again for your consideration and support! We're looking forward to delivering a high-quality live streaming service as part of a very bright future for us, our broadcasters and streamers, and their audiences who can all breathe a little easier without having to worry about being banned just for saying what they think is better or right.

Please help us enable a new generation of broadcasters to succeed at what they do by enabling us to exist for a few months while the business grows to a point of sustaining itself. Our models tell us we need about six months of run time for the business to support itself...and we are now successfully nearing the end of that.

We should have a payment method integrated soon, that will enable people to subscribe to support, and we will be winding down this successful campaign. Although we never met a monthly goal, we found ways to make the support we did receive work and will be crossing the finish line on time. Thank you again for helping to make that happen.