Randy Naidoo M.D. life's work has been children since 1999.  There are 7 ways to influence a community. 1. Religion 2. Family 3. Government 4. Economy 5 Education 6. Arts and Entertainment 7. Media

As we look at those in the arena of Education for our children, we must bring leadership that are strong in all of these areas.  It is one thing to bring theoretical knowledge but it is another to bring life to the table.  As a leader from early on in life, Dr. Naidoo is able to process these 7 pillars of influence on a child.  As a parent of 3 children, uncle to over many children, pediatrician to thousands of patients, child ministry teacher since 2006, youth football, baseball, basketball coach and trainer of athletes, small business owner and founder of a medical practice that now expands to over 47 team members with a high complex budget, and child advocate in many organizations and experiences, Dr. Naidoo's life is for the child. 

Born and raised in Garland, Texas and moving to Lovejoy in 2017, Dr. Naidoo understands the commitment and loyalty to his community and to his extended family.  As a pediatrician, I am caring the friends that I went to school with as a child and I have immediate family that entrust their child to my care.  As an integrative, holistic pediatrician, life is complex as God is complex and magnificent in the way that He created us.   As such, we must look at life's choices for children through this complex yet simple lens, God first in all that we do.  

Whether that emphasis of intelligent design through a creator happens in the school or in the home, it must happen.  This appreciation for God first places everything else in life in the right context.  The appreciation for God will allow for respect of the individual and it places power in the right context and in the right hands of the right people.    

We will never learn how to handle our families, education, political motivations, business or financial endeavors if we do not have God first.   With God being first, we then learn how to view children.  Children are the creation of God and life coming into this world is a complex, awe-inspiring process.  When you think about all the things that could go wrong with the birth of a child, you will be amazed at a baby coming into this world.  When you appreciate that complexity, you do not want to break what God has created.  

And now Randy Naidoo M.D. is ready to take leadership to the Lovejoy School Board. He wants to keep this school district focused on God so that we have the proper context to take make the rights decisions and choices for our children.