The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has written to me threatening me with criminal prosecution if I claim to be a registered health practitioner. 

They do not want me to call myself a "doctor" or to use the title "Dr".  Nor do they want me to use my post nominals (being my university degree) "MBBS".

Please note that my medical registration with AHPRA is currently suspended.  That means I am not allowed by law to practise as a doctor in Australia at this time.  Once my suspension is lifted by Ahpra or a Court order, then I can resume working as a medical doctor again.

Please also note that I intend to fight AHPRA and the Medical Board of Australia.  What they have done to me is wrong.

Thank you for your generous donations and your continuous support of me.

I truly appreciate it.

Dr Mark Hobart (currently a non-practising doctor)


Who am I?

My name is Dr Mark Hobart. I’m an experienced and dedicated doctor located in Sunshine, Victoria.

I’ve been a vocal critic of the Australian and Victorian Governments’ handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In particular, I’ve been concerned about:

  1. the welfare of the elderly during this Covid-19 pandemic;
  2. the information which has been disclosed by government about Covid-19 and the available preventions and treatments; and
  3. the reliance by the Victorian Government on lockdowns to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’ve been targeted by the Victorian Government and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (Ahpra) over my criticism. They have tried to shut me up and remove me as a doctor.

But there’s a problem

On Wednesday 10th November my medical practice was raided by Victorian Department of Health representatives without a search warrant.

They seized some of my patients’ records and my appointment book. They refused to tell me which patient records they seized from my medical practice.

I am deeply concerned for the privacy, health and safety of my patients.

Why does it matter?

My patients have a right to have their medical records kept strictly private and confidential.

Those records are their private property. Those records are also highly confidential documents which include sensitive information about:

  1. my patients’ medical problems;
  2. the treatments they are receiving; and
  3. in some cases, their prognosis and if they will live.

I’m deeply concerned that my patients could suffer significant loss or damage if those records fall into the wrong hands.

My patients are at risk of:

  1. losing their job if the Victorian Department of Health discloses their medical files to their employer;
  2. being discriminated against if the Victorian Department of Health discloses their medical problems or disability to their employer; and
  3. suffering significant loss and damage, as well as distress because of that unauthorised use and disclosure of their medical information.
What the Victorian Department of Health has done is outrageous! As far as I’m aware, this has never happened before in Victoria. It’s the sort of behaviour which would only occur in a dictatorship. Yet it’s happening here in Victoria right under our noses.

All Victorians should be outraged that their medical records can be seized by the Victorian Government without a valid search warrant.

What I’m doing about it?

I’ve taken immediate legal action to recover those stolen records.

On Thursday 11th November 2021 my lawyers wrote to the Victorian Department of Health seeking the prompt return of my patients’ files and my appointment book. The Victorian Department of Health ignored my request and didn’t bother to respond.

On Friday 12th November 2021 I commenced urgent legal proceedings against the Victorian Department of Health in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

The purpose of those proceedings is to obtain a Court order which:

  1. prevents the Victorian Department of Health from sharing the records and my appointment book; and
  2. requires the Victorian Department of Health to return those records and my appointment book.

That Court case should be heard on Monday 15th November 2021.

As a separate matter, I am defending my right to practise as a doctor as Ahpra are investigating me. I consider it a privilege to work as a doctor in my community and I want to continue doing so for as long as I can.

Please help me

It will not be easy to fight the Victorian Government to recover my patient records and protect our liberty.

I expect that it will be a long, difficult and expensive fight. However, I will not back down with your kind and generous support.

Together we will fight the Victorian Government in the Courts to get the right outcome, we will never surrender.

We must never allow patient records to be seized by the Victorian Government without a valid warrant.

We must preserve the right to have medical records kept strictly confidential and not misused by the Victorian Government.

I also need your financial support to preserve my right to continue working as a doctor.

I would be extremely grateful if you can help me with those causes by donating to my campaign.

Please donate what you can and help share this as far and wide as we can.

Thank you for your kind support.  May God bless you and your family.

Dr Mark Hobart