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My husband, Karl Dresch was arrested on January 19th for his connection in the peaceful protest in DC. 

Before that:
During our return home on the 16th, from our DC trip, we received the news that my father passed of cardiac arrest due to Covid-19. Karl immediately drove me to care for my mother who was also suffering from the illness, and then to help make funeral arrangements for my dad. He returned to our home to attend to what was needed before he was to travel back; pay on our bills, mail my calendar, pick up his son from school, and then return to SC for his father-in-law’s funeral. However, January 16th ended up being the last day I’ve been able to see my husband. While running errands on the 19th, he was stopped by the police with warrants and taken to the station as feds were ransacking our home.

I returned to our home in MI and the feeling of being violated was sickening, they had flipped and ripped mattresses, keepsakes dumped out of storage totes and tossed clothes and items out of closets, it was “ransacked.” I was now alone to grieve the loss of my husband and father.

Since that day, the mainstream media outlets have repeatedly written fictitious portrayals of his intentions and actions and is facing several indictments for attending the protest. He was denied bond and dragged through five different prisons before arriving in DC in May to only be denied bond again. My husband is a gentle and kind man and caused no damage and was not violent. He was turned in by a stranger to the FBI on a tip from pictures online, along with false information of who we traveled with and how we arrived. Many people from our community have written letters on his behalf to his appointed judge. Our late Sheriff, Mayor, Pastor, family, and friends let the judge know he was not a threat to our community.

I’m asking for prayers for his last chance to come home to his wife and son during pre-trial. His case is currently being reviewed in appellate court and we are waiting for the ruling next month. He like many others there has been denied basic human rights and proper medical attention.

My husband was the sole provider of our household and has been detained now over six months. Please remember us in prayer and please consider helping our family recover from losing all our savings for believing in Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech. As well as for me to keep everything together and obtain additional part-time employment to offset the costs of carrying this burden.

If you should choose to contribute to support us we will be so very grateful and we covet your prayers.

Sara Dresch

***Update*** Thanks to many prayers and the hard work of his attorney Karl was released on August 4th and is back with us. He has however missed most of the busy season for his business and has only a short time for the upkeep and preparations for winter around the house, summers are short here in Upper Michigan.  There are future needs that are going to become hardships due to this injustice.


Update #2 -- Link to Video - DC
August 15, 2021
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August 14, 2021
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