Hello Everyone,
My name is Dr. Danielle Roberts. Amidst many stories of media censorship and propaganda, wrongful convictions, cancel culture and hate campaigns, political agendas, and infringement on our rights in the name of “safety” and “social cooperation” I share with you my story of defamation, oppression, and injustice, but more importantly of courage, truth, and hope.
The NYS Health Department, specifically the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) recently revoked my medical license on Sept 29th 2021 for something that had nothing to do with the practice of medicine. These politically appointed board members, in order to punish me for a lifestyle they don’t understand and/or don't agree with, ignored the boundaries of their jurisdiction, and exercised their power over something that they have no authority over - my personal life. This is revocation by their own prejudices and opinions based on media gossip and slander. This is not justice, this is hate.
How many of you enjoy raising your children in the school of your choice… practicing the religious practices that draw you near to God… joining associations that you feel are meaningful… choosing what to put in your bodies and the bodies of your children…?
How many of you would want your career, your livelihood, your craft and passion or your life’s work to be in jeopardy if those supervising you didn’t agree with your personal life choices?
That is EXACTLY what is at stake if we allow what happened to me to go unchallenged.
This Sept. 29th 2021 the members of the OPMC not only destroyed my career and stripped me of my medical license, but set a precedent that puts ALL doctors and state licensed professionals at risk! They took my license for events that took place in my personal life between consenting competent adults, and if they can do that to me, they can do that to anyone.
Because my case sets such a dangerous precedent that affects so many of us we have the opportunity to take this matter to the highest court in NY State; the NYS Court of Appeals. Here we can file an article 78 calling out and revealing the overreaching and prejudicial nature of this Boards political decision. Together we can overturn this dangerous precedent, protect our rights and private lives, and put bureaucratic representatives on notice that this type of oppression and control will not be tolerated.
My case is just the tip of the iceberg. I am associated with the largest FBI corruption case since Watergate. A case that is known internationally and will shake the conscience of this country. Quite possibly the largest premeditated case of FBI collusion in the past century. And we have iron-clad ‘DNA’ evidence that what happened to me is just a mere outshoot of this much larger corruption scheme of our federal government. United States vs Raniere has the potential to be HISTORIC. This unprecedented, documented, UNDENIABLE level of corruption in our Federal Government holds the opportunity to STOP ALL federal, state, administrative and local injustices forever. If we stand together and hold these Judges, prosecutors, political figure heads and Administrative Board members accountable WE TAKE OUR POWER BACK! We show them this type of behavior WILL NOT be tolerated, not in this nation united under God.
Step 1: Stand with me.
If you care, even a little bit, about your rights to conduct your private lives in whatever way you choose. Stand with me.
Step 2: Donate
We need Forty thousand dollars to pay my amazing lawyer to do what he does so well, and what I can’t do alone. I need 15k by the end of November to get the process started. Donate now.

Step 3: Share!

We need voices! To put these Bureaucrats on notice and change this behavior forever we need EYES on these Judges, Jury’s and Boards so that they can’t just take the easy way out and sweep it under the rug. Please SHARE this with every doctor, attorney, teacher, broker, influencer, mother, father… anyone that holds a state license and anyone that cares about our rights. Write about it, tweet about it, post about it. Let’s make my Life’s work and Medical License mean something. Let’s make US vs Raniere Historic – not for smut and lies, but for truth, equity, sovereignty and justice!

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Thank you so much for your time and for reading this message with an open heart and mind until the end. I hope to meet you at some point! Maybe a celebration gala for all those that made it possible for justice to remain blind, and our private lives to remain ours.