With the ever expanding Columbus, Ohio area, so are rents. It is very difficult to find a safe place to rent that will not leave you broke. Our lease expires February 2023 and was told our rent would be going up at least $400.

Intel is going in right down the road from our little town and Landlords everywhere here are getting money hungry. We have been approved for an FHA loan, but due to some vehicle issues, we only have a little bit saved.

We are currently renting a 2 bed/2 bath mobile home in a mobile home park. We would like to purchase a decent house so we can be safe from storms and stop paying rent.

Between closing costs and down payment, we are looking at least $10,000 + for a home in a decent, safe area.We don't have a lot of time to save. Plus I don't have a lot in my retirement account (I've only been there a little over 4 years).What little I have in there, I plan on using.

Thank you for considering helping us. It means a lot.