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Background: Earlier this year, I was convicted in a Brooklyn federal courthouse of a conspiracy against rights for participating in a viral meme (sh*tposting) on Twitter.

We are challenging this unjust prosecution on multiple grounds, including the First and Fifth Amendments and that venue in Brooklyn was improper.

My rights at trial were further violated by prosecutorial gamesmanship, including the deliberate withholding of evidence until mid-trial, the manipulation of a “cooperating witness” and the manufacturing of his testimony, and the bringing of a case with insufficient evidence in an arbitrarily chosen federal district that was politically favorable to the prosecution.

Please join the fight and stop this political weaponization and abuse of federal law dead in its tracks by donating to and praying for my appeal, and my family, in this difficult time.

Needless to say, a federal appeal is extraordinarily expensive. 

There are multiple ways to donate, including GiveSendGo (please consider making a recurring monthly donation). Other ways to give include tax-deductible nonprofit, crypto, and cash, check or money order. I hope you by will consider helping myself and my family (I am newly married with a beautiful son on the way) defray these expenses and fight for the rights of all Americans.

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter, and God bless.


Meme Defense Fund

If you would prefer making a cash or check donation to the Meme Defense Fund please make it out to: “American Cause—Meme Defense and send it to American Cause, Re: Meme Defense Fund, 10321 Hunt Farm Ln, Oakton, VA 22124”. This option is tax-deductible.


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Please make it out to Douglass Mackey and send it to this address:

Douglass Mackey

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HOW TO DONATE ANONYMOUSLY: Send cash, check or money order, or send an anonymous, shielded Zcash transaction to the Zcash private wallet, or send Monero to the Monero wallet.

Besides legal fees, other costs will include expert fees; travel and lodging expenses; legal research; electronic discovery review platforms and document review staff; court filing fees; office supplies; discovery software; postage and other assorted costs and expenses.

Please note that all donations are considered personal gifts, and that donors giving $15K or more per year could be subject to gift taxes and reporting requirements. Consult a tax advisor if you need more information.

*Please kindly note that all donations are final, no refunds will be issued.