Restore and Defend Election Integrity in Colorado

Campaign Created by: Dorchester Heights Society

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Goal: USD $30,000
Raised: USD $ 9,745
The Dorchester Heights Society (DHS) was created to promote the common good and general welfare of the people of the State of Colorado by advancing civic and social improvements to ensure election integrity in the State of Colorado. 

- Request and fund the costs of obtaining public records through the Colorado Open Records Act and Freedom of Information Act process
- Fund legal actions in pursuit of election integrity, e.g. legal filings to oppose un-Constitutional and unethical restrictions on election transparency and public oversight
- Share information with the Colorado public, with public officials and other election integrity activists and groups

When the Enemy first discovered our Works in the morning, they seemed to be in great confusion...
-Gen. George Washington to Continental Congress President John Hancock, March 7-9, 1776


Update #2
June 18, 2022
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Thank you to everyone who has donated, so far - unlike so many of the people, organizations, and forces deployed against the People in our pursuit of election integrity, our only motive is truth and justice and integrity.

On 30 Mar 22, in response to SecState Griswold's/CO AG Weiser's petition to dismiss the entire case on administrative grounds, the judge dismissed some complaints and some complainants, but denied the SecState's motion to entirely dismiss the case and the case is proceeding to challenge SecState Griswold's rules on the premise that her rules violate her duty under Colorado law to secure the purity of elections.

We're still in this fight, and we still need your help.  We have many other potential legal causes of action, to pursue truth and justice for Colorado's citizens, and you're going to be proud that you were part of it.

Colorado Public Officials Stand Up for Election Integrity
December 14, 2021
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Colorado Election Integrity Court Case: Hanks et al v. Griswold
The case filed in Colorado’s 2nd Judicial District Court in Denver lists six Colorado elected officials as the plaintiffs and Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold as the defendant.  The complaint states the intent of the plaintiffs’ case is to restore election integrity in the state, not to change the results of any election.
The exhibits in the case are clear and show objectively when and how Griswold violated Colorado election law.  Read the full complaint and exhibits here:


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