Anyone that has met Laura and/or followed her Addy Snowcone page on Facebook knows that she has a giving heart and a tireless work ethic. She's frequently doing events to provide meals to seniors, Christmas gifts to kids in need, and she's working the food bank to help ensure her fellow Frio County residents don't go hungry.

In addition, she has always been super friendly to cyclists like myself. Opening up her shop during off hours, keeping an eye on our cars while we're out on bike rides, and making herself and her family available for a ride if one of us cyclists get a flat and can't continue.

Laura has done so much for everyone else. Now she needs us to step up and help her. Many already knew that Laura had surgery and treatment awhile back for cancer, and she quickly went back to running her Snowcone shop and doing community events. Since then, the intestinal cancer has come back much more aggressively than before. She has surgery again right after Christmas, and will soon have to start a round of radiation pills. Even with insurance, prescription discount cards, and other assistance, the pills will be $1K/each out of pocket...and she has to do 8 of them.

So she'll have minimum $8K in medical expenses, gas and meals while traveling quite a long ways for treatment, and the lost income while having to limit the Snowcone shop hours to what her daughter is able to work (in addition to the job her daughter already has). This is why I've set the fundraiser at $10K.

I know money is tight for me, and for many of y'all, but please consider donating to help this awesome hard-working woman get healthy and get back to doing what she loves.