Hi Guys, I'm going to try and keep this brief and to the point and will add to it later if needs be.  I am a British guy and have been abroad with my wife (Married 6 years) since before the "Pandemic" and witnessed all of the vaccination craze from a far but me and my wife stayed home and did not want to get it for fears of side effects. Like many others we were shunned and ostracized for our decision with cruel words from family members as you can see in my screenshots.  I have tried various online work and barely make food and rent for me and my wife but I am trying my best and keep asking God for help. I have done various online English teaching work and have started a Whistleblower blog Dissident7.com where I do some cooking and chatting videos behind the camera, I'm most comfortable chatting behind the camera at present. 

 I have a Bitchute channel with 670 subscribers and I'm also making an effort on Rumble, Odysee, Brighteon and more where I receive the occasional donation although I'm worried about some upcoming bills such as my Visa, my website and my only laptop is on its last legs (9years old).  I'm slightly terrified of being forced to leave my wife and have to go back to a family who do not respect my decisions etc ...Thats the best I can write for now, please pray for us and anything you can give is much appreciated.