Tyler Dinsmoor bail and legal fees fund

Campaign Created by: Ariel Ramos

The funds from this campaign will be received by Ariel Ramos.

Goal : USD $1,500,000
Raised : USD $28,087

Tyler Dinsmoor is a God fearing man, who was arrested on June 17th, 2022 by 7 different law enforcement agencies and is being held on a $1M bail. His crime? Hurting the feelings of a homosexual, and he is being charged with a hate crime because of this. I started this fund for fellow Gabbers and frens to chip in for Tyler's legal defense. This is a slippery slope we have been dealing with for quite a while now, and it'll eventually happen to all of us.

Tyler's Gab page: https://gab.com/dinsmoorsheepskins

Fund organizer's Gab page: https://gab.com/PatriotCandleCo 


Update #6
June 23, 2022
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One more thing. To all of you who have paid for commissary, I have been told that has really lifted Tyler's spirits! 😁😁😁

Update #5
June 23, 2022
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I just got an update from Mrs. Dinsmoor. Tyler is waiting for the bail paperwork to be signed by the judge, and it is looking like that will happen on Monday, as the judge is not available until then.

Update #4
June 23, 2022
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Thank you for those of you who have donated! I wanted to point out, in the campaign description, it states who is organizing the fundraiser. You will see in your bank statement a payment made to PATRIOTCANDLECO. Also, Stripe has informed me that they will no longer process payments for this campaign after the end of June.

Update #3
June 22, 2022
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Tyler's bail was set at $150K today. I was also informed by Striped, the payment processor for GSG, that their services will only be rendered to us until the end of this month. Apparently, my business presents a "higher level of risk" than they want to work with. Rest assured, there will be other forms of payment for us to contribute to Tyler and his family.

Update #2
June 20, 2022
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I spoke with Tyler today, and he is doing well and is very grateful for everyone's help. He is in a concrete box, but is holding strong. He has his bible, and is singing Psalms! Please continue to keep Tyler and his family in your prayers. Bail hearing is set for Tuesday, and the retainer for the attorney is A LOT! Please contribute if you are able, and for those of you who have already chipped in, THANK YOU!!!

Update #1
June 18, 2022
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I was able to communicate with Mrs. Dinsmoor via video call today 06/18/2022. Her and the children are safe! Please keep them in your prayers, and chip in if you can. 


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