Moms and dads of America you love your kids, you love God, you love this country, and your tired of watching medications and companies betray you and your family. Don't get angry, invest your time, energy and money into a program that is building the country you want for your kids and standing for the values that will lead to their blessings and protection. There is no other feeling like SAVING a LIFE, hearing a nonverbal child speak for the first time, or watching someone walk again. It feels like relief, huge, never-ending relief. It feels like your own life was saved. I love the Diego Ranch Inc program and I hope you see how much this program is needed for the future of our children. Equine assisted therapy is one of the most positive sustainable programs out there today with an environment unmatched for children and adults suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, dyslexia, behavioral problems, grief, relationship problems, ADHD, and eating disorder. Diego Ranch has saved and healed over 8000 lives with a 100% success rate. Not too many programs can say that. We are asking for your help so we can expand. With over 3800 on a waiting list that need our help. Our lease is up December 1st and we need to keep this much needed beautiful program going. We want a place to call home with no restrictions or someone being able to take advantage of us. Become a supporter today for a program helping, healing and saving lives through the love of horses. I hope you dig deep down in your souls and your hearts and understand that this is good for humanity not only for kids and veterans but every one of us. God Bless you and thank you for all your love and support Diego Ranch Inc. Jonesboro AR