Dela Cruz Adoption

Campaign Created by: Addison Dela Cruz

The funds from this campaign will be received by Addison Dela Cruz.

Goal: USD $24,500
Raised: USD $ 1,100

As many of you all know, Eric and I have been wanting to adopt long before we were married. Due to marriage length requirements, COVID restrictions and moving countries, our dream was postponed... until now! In March of this year, we began the process to get certified to adopt. It's been a journey but we are now looking forward to being placed in the look book! 

We did $3,680 at our wedding and have used that to begin the process. We have also be working to slowly save money and have used it to pay for the home study process. 

We know that the Lord is for adoption and that He will provide for us and the new addition. If you'd like to participate in our journey financially or through prayer, we would be extremely grateful. 

A breakdown of the funds:

Special house gates for court approval: $1,284.37 (We covered)

5 foot pool fence for court approval: $1,130.00 (We covered)

Application Fee: $150.00 (we covered)

8 week adoption classes: $500.00 (we covered)

Home Study Fee: $1,750.00 (we covered) 

Adoption placement fee: $24,500.00

Total Amount needed to complete: $24,500.00


Update #2
February 1, 2024
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We are officially approved! 

If you know anyone who is looking to place their baby, we are open and available.

Thanks for all your continued prayers. Now we wait for what comes next.


The DC Family  

Update #1
November 1, 2023
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Hey all!

Many of you know our family has been wanting to adopt long before we got married. Some of our first conversations as “just friends” were around our hearts to adopt a child and do missions work.

Well, the time has finally come. But first, let me explain the story of how we finally got here. After getting married in April of 2018, we began looking at different adoption avenues. We soon realized that you had to be married for at least 2 years before being able to adopt. This was a bump in our plan. We got pregnant that next April (2019), and had Oscar in January of 2020. We planned to start adopting in late 2020 but COVID started. This shutdown much of the government and existing programs.

We had wanted to move to the US for a few years. We saw an opening as jobs, relationship and connection in Canada were taking a hit. We moved in September of 2020 to Chandler, AZ. We moved completely blind, as we had never even visited Arizona before. It was overwhelming and lonely, and exciting and nerve-wracking. We found an amazing church that we feel in love with and attend to this day. Once we moved, we again began learning about adoption in this state. Addie is an American but Eric had to go through the process to become permanent resident. We again were unable to start the process until Eric became a permanent resident. This process ended up taking much longer than anticipated, leaving us unable to adopt.

Further, many local agencies had to close their doors to new adoptive parents due to the pandemic. Many agencies we contacted told us to try again at the end of 2022.

I found out I was pregnant in July of 2021. Kairos was born in March of 2022.

That leads us to the beginning of 2023. I felt the Lord again tugging on my heart to adopt. (Also, in Arizona, they want your youngest child to be at least a year old before adopting). So, when Kai turned 1, I reached out to a local agency and they had 2 open spots to begin the adoption journey. The adoption agency said they were only taking 8 families in 2023 and if we didn’t apply, we’d have to wait till mid 2024. We quickly applied and got accepted!

Since then, we have attended 8 weeks of adoption classes, completed mountains of paperwork, fingerprint cards, bank statements, medical information, hard conversations, amazing conversations and many home study visits. We have now completed the paperwork and visits portion of the process and wait for the court’s approval.

As you all know, adoption is not financially feasible for most people. At our wedding, we had an adoption fund and raised 3,680 dollars. This money has gone into the adoption process along with our own earned money. But we need help raising the rest of the money. We understand that this is not a simple financial season for most people and we never want to pressure anyone to give. In saying that, we appreciate any support you can offer, prayer, words of encouragement and or financial support.

We believe that the Lord is for adoption He (Psalm 68:5-6) brings a father to the fatherless. He cares about every single child, and we are honored to get to play a small role in bringing another little human into our family.

Love and Blessings,

The Dela Cruz Crew


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