Defunding Bureaucracy is the same as fighting Agenda 21 but more on a Local Level.

In most large and small communities across America, local bureaucrats are becoming tyrants, they use Land Use Laws in the form of Planning and Zoning to control how we choose to use our property.

These local "Leaders" usurp power by thinking they have a mandate due to International Building Code and the penalties build into these Codes.  Zoning officials will adopt the IBC and without a proper vote claim, it was done legally and by Reference.

Not all States have much in the way of help when you find yourself wanting to do a "Thing" on your property, and the Local City Hall doesn't want you to, no matter how simple, and safe it would be to do so.

One of the most mentioned Rights in the US Constitution is Property Rights it was declared that government cannot deprive any person of "life, liberty, or property" without due process of law, but what about your right to use your Property?

In a few states like Arizona, they have the "Private Property Protection Act", to shore up any shortcoming in our Federal Constitution and it protects the rights to “use” our property as we see fit.

The importance of pushing back, resisting much, and obeying little, or non-compliance, is paramount, but, they are only words, and once you truly push back, you will get to exercise another great right, “your day in court”.

Fighting tyranny is an American Birth-Right, but no one ever said it would be easy, or free.

Defund Bureaucy is a fight, So Please Join and add not only your two cents but donate as well.

It will take time and money, money to hire legal advisors, writers, and time to research case law.

So, Please Help and Become an Active visitor to the FB Group Here

Thank You,

M. Boyle