Stew Peters is one of the loudest voices warning the world about the One World Government, medical totalitarianism, and man-made bioweapons. With Joe Biden handing America over to China, we’re actually seeing all of this happen in real time. 

Now, Stew has been targeted by the mainstream press and their attack dogs. They want nothing more than to silence him. Stew has been served a lawsuit in the state of Arizona for calling out the evil depravity of "child friendly" drag queen story hour targeting conservative towns. He will continue to confront this evil and defend the children, but he CANNOT do it alone. 

The Stew Peters show is now the test case for law fare seeking to destroy political opposition and dissent willing to call out the Big Gay Hate Machine.

 Big tech has been relatively successful de-platforming Stew- but kicking Stew off of nearly every platform available is not enough. 

They're suing him because he is calling out the Drag Queen Story Hour demons for hosting pedophilic ritual child sex abuse ceremonies IN PUBLIC. 

We CANNOT ALLOW these God-hating radicals to destroy Stew in the courts. Don't let them succeed in this new attack against Free Speech in the courts. Stand up for Stew Peters by making a donation to his legal defense and keeping him in the fight everyday.